A mini tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time… RIP Whitney Houston

My heart is heavy today… I just heard about Whitney’s death this morning as I didn’t tune in to the news all day yesterday. I know that BAFTA is going on tonight and I was thinking of blogging about that but I felt like paying tribute to one of my all time favorite singers. Another reason her death hit me hard is that she died on my birthday… just like my late mother 21 years ago just two years younger than Whitney at the time of her death. At the age of 48, Whitney is gone far too soon…

As a kid of the 80s, I was a huge fan of her music… and THAT voice. Even as new singers came and went through the years, I felt like nobody could really match her majestic voice, her mezzo-soprano with ridiculous vocal range spanning three octaves that came out so seemingly effortless. I grew up watching her memorable music videos and humming her chart-topping songs all the way to my early college years. I owned most of her CDs and used to know a lot of the lyrics to her wonderful ballads. Seems like for a while everything she touched turned gold. According to Wiki, she was actually in the Guinness Book of Records as the most-awarded female act of all time (415 career awards as of 2010) and also one of the best-selling artists of all time with over 170 million albums, singles and videos sold worldwide. But unlike a lot of pop-stars whose rise to fame leave me scratching my head, Whitney had incredible talent. Her goosebumps-inducing voice alone is nothing short of magnificent, but she’s also beautiful and an amazing performer.

I even liked her presence on screen as an actress, whilst I can’t say the same thing about other singers who venture into films like J.Lo or Madonna. I think I had both the DVDs AND soundtrack albums of The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale at one time. Of course, it’s her musical contributions to both those films that are more celebrated, and rightly so. In fact, I Will Always Love You is so iconic and so synonymous with her glorious vocal than that of the original singer Dolly Parton. I always get goosebumps and even teary-eyed whenever that song came on. Another one of hers that will remain my favorite songs of all time is the 1998’s Summer Olympic theme One Moment in Time. I don’t think anyone could sing that amazingly inspiring song better than she ever could… nobody could performed The Star Spangled Banner more flawlessly and she made it look oh so easy!!

Jordin Sparks & Whitney Houston

Surely I was dismayed to hear about her constant personal problems of drug addiction and marital abuse, but I won’t comment further on that other than the fact that the higher one’s ascent is in life the further the fall. Still there is always hope for a comeback and even back in 2009 her album I Look to You received moderate success. She also has a movie coming out later this August, Sparkle, which is a remake of the 1976 movie about a successful singing group of three sisters who must deal with the fallout of fame and drugs, in which she starred as well as executive-produced. Whitney played the mother of the three daughters, co-starring Jordin Sparks and Omar Epps, and this would’ve marked her comeback to the big screen since The Preacher’s Wife 16 years ago.

In the pre-Grammy party earlier today, Tony Bennett dedicated the Frank Sinatra’s The Music Never Ends to Whitney, calling her “… the greatest singer I ever heard in my life.” (per MTV News)

So with that, let me close my tribute with five of my all time favorite Whitney Houston songs… but really, I could easily make a top twenty list as there are so many of her songs I LOVE.

Thank you for your songs and inspiring us with your amazing voice, Ms. Houston. You will be sorely missed but your timeless music shall forever live on.

Please join me in paying tribute to this music legend by sharing YOUR favorite song from Whitney Houston.