Weekend Viewing Roundup: Inception & You’ve Got Mail

Happy Monday everyone! It’s back-to-work for most of you but I’m still on holiday until this Wednesday night and I’m taking the entire week off, yay! 😀

I’m going to keep this short as I’m typing this after midnight already but I just miss blogging so much I figure I’ll fit a quick post in. Well suffice to say I didn’t have time for a cinema visit but we’ve got tons of family time so of course it’s all good. I did manage to see two somewhat oldies-but-goodies movies the first day we arrived in Seattle. We just went through my sister’s DVD collection and decided to see Inception in the afternoon and then You’ve Got Mail after dinner. Yeah I know, couldn’t be more different right? But after being fed the brain-twisting fare courtesy of Chris Nolan, we just wanted something light and sweet.

It’s my third viewing of Inception and I find myself still engrossed in the story and the awesome actors Nolan has assembled, especially Tom Hardy in his scene-stealing role as the thief/forger Eames. I had written my full review over a year ago, and in it I said I was quite mystified for a good portion of the movie. Well, glad to say this time I finally had a full grasp of the film and by that I mean, I discovered a lot of clues I didn’t realize before.

I’m sure most of you have seen it by now but if you haven’t consider this a SPOILER ALERT. Like many viewers, I kept pondering about that ending… is it real or is it still part of Cobb’s dream? Well, apparently the key to ‘getting’ just what’s going on in the beginning of the film where Cobb visits Saito as an old man has to do with Saito and Fischer being shot. Someone else in the dream has to descend even farther down the layers within the dream to ‘rescue’ them from being ‘lost in oblivion’ if you will. So yeah, I guess that ending of Cobb finally being reunited with his kids is not as ambiguous as I had thought! That was quite an a-ha! moment for me, though most of you clever sort probably have realized this the first time around 😀

I definitely have a renewed appreciation for Nolan’s masterpiece, no wonder Stevee @ Cinematic Paradox listed 52 reasons she loved this movie, I’m sure between the both of us we can come up w/ more!

You’ve Got Mail (1998) is one of my favorite rom-coms from the 90s. Yes of course the whole Internet chat technology is so dated now but I find that the cute story and chemistry of the lead holds up. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks had starred in another rom-com Sleepless in Seattle five years prior but they shared far more screen time in this and that’s a good thing as they are great together on screen. I think this marked the third time they worked together since Joe Versus The Volcano in 1990.

I know the story is implausible and some schmaltzy-ness is to be expected, but I love this movie! Meg Ryan — and her haircut – is just as cute as a button and Tom Hanks is at his most affable. From the time they ‘meet cute’ where she yelled at him for taking all the caviar “That caviar is a garnish!”, you know they’re gonna end up together. Parker Posey and Greg Kinnear are quite memorable as well as their respective significant others who are obviously not right for Hanks/Ryan as they’re ‘destined’ to be together 😉

I also love Hanks’ rapport with comedian Dave Chappelle as his BFF, that part where Hanks asked him to spy on his blind date who of course turns out to be Ryan’s character. “If you don’t like Kathleen Kelly, you ain’t gonna like this one,” ahah. Say what you will about this one but I think Nora Ephron’s got things right from the start by casting Hanks and Ryan together again.

This movie makes me really want to see The Shop Around the Corner with Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart, which is the inspiration for this movie.

Last Saturday we went to Multnomah Falls in Oregon, a few hours drive from Seattle. Apparently that waterfall was used in the first Twilight movie, they even had an Experience Twilight tour! Anyway, look for a waterfall-related post later in the week 😀

So what did you see this Thanksgiving weekend? Thoughts on either one of these flicks, please supply those in the comments.