Conspicuous Poster & Trailer of the Week: Snow White & The Huntsman

A few months ago, I compared the two upcoming Snow White adaptations. One is now called Mirror, Mirror, directed by the visual maestro Tarsem (whose film Immortals is out this Friday) and the other one is by first-time director Rupert Sanders.

I’ve said before that I’m more interested in the Tarsem’s version, and as you can see in the recently-released stills, the costumes look beautiful. But after hearing more about the Sanders’ version, and seeing this new three-way banner, I’m slightly more intrigued now.

Click for larger version

Here’s the plot per The Film Stage:

In the epic action-adventure Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart (Twilight) plays the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) out to destroy her. But what the wicked ruler never imagined is that the young woman threatening her reign has been training in the art of war with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth, Thor) dispatched to kill her. Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) joins the cast as the prince long enchanted by Snow White’s beauty and power.

Apart from Kirsten Stewart, I quite like the cast. For one, I think Charlize Theron has that icy-cool demeanor along with her stunning good looks that makes her a perfect evil queen. Julia Roberts just doesn’t seem to fit in the role, though I reserve judgment until I see a trailer at the very least. Hemsworth already proved his chops as a leading man in Thor, so I’m good w/ him as the prince. I’m also intrigued by the Lord of the Rings look to the costumes and the coloring and style of the banner also reminds me a bit of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It’d be interesting to see a gritty take of a classic fairy tale. Hopefully this won’t be another Red Riding Hood!

Ok, here’s the trailer:

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Woof! Color me impressed. I like it! It’s definitely darker than what I had imagined and Charlize definitely makes for a ruthless but stunning evil queen. Hemsworth looks good, too, though it’s not too much of a stretch from being the Thor‘s Son of Odin. Again, I’m going to defer judgment about Kirsten until I see the whole film, but at least she doesn’t look as mopey as she is in Twilight here. I hope the film looks as good as the trailer.

So what do you think, folks? Interested in seeing this one?