Everybody’s Chattin’: October Edition

Welcome to October, folks!
Wow, where did September go?? It’s certainly been a hectic start to the Fall season—or Autumn as some prefer to call it—for me. After a crazy busy week covering TCFF, this weekend I have a friend staying with us for the weekend from my home country Indonesia. I was out pretty much all weekend hanging out with her and our mutual friends, spending our time mostly outdoors marveling at the beautiful Fall colors! My friend took this gorgeous pic of a Maple tree, isn’t that lovely? So needless to say, we didn’t really see any movie this weekend, nor did I have much time to blog. From 8 movies down to a big fat zero this weekend is quite a contrast, I know 😀

But no fret, I figure it’s as good a time as any to highlight some awesome posts that my friends wrote this past week. I promise I’ll make this Everybody’s Chattin’ post a monthly feature from now on, with perhaps a bonus one if I feel like there are more posts to highlight in a given month.

  • My good friend Terrence a.k.a The Scarlet Sp1der just celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday. Wish him a happy belated b’day if you haven’t already and check out what films he’s excited for this month.
  • Kid from The Kid in the Front Row mused about the elusiveness of cinematic greatness on Castor’s blog. That post was featured on IMDb last week, I suggest you check it out if you haven’t already.
  • Speaking of cinematic greatness, sometimes some films that win an Oscar can be so polarizing. And one of those films in recent memory is Crash. Take a look at this well-written review by Sam @ BananaOilMovies and share your thoughts on the movie.
  • Nostra @ My Film Views has this awesome ongoing series called ‘The Many Faces Of …’ where he highlights different actors for their versatility. This past week’s choice happens to be one of my personal favorite, Dame Helen Mirren!
  • I love lists, and Tyler from Southern Vision just did a nifty one called Top Ten Favourite Film Titles. What are some unique film titles you can think of?
  • Bonus post: My best mate Scott from Front Room Cinema is back from his island vacation! Welcome him back by checking out his Weekend Roundup and a list of movies filmed in the Canary Islands.

What to expect on this blog for this week: The monthly Five for the Fifth, Review of Machine Gun Preacher (long overdue, I know) and a Top Ten List inspired by one of the panels I attended at TCFF.

Now before you go off to check out these great posts, first let me know what movie(s) did you get to see this weekend?