In honor of his birthday today – Please vote for your favorite Harrison Ford movie role

Hi everyone! I just realized it’s Harrison Ford’s 69th Birthday today. WOW, the last year before he hit the big 7-0 and he still looks as rugged and handsome as ever! Plus, he’s got one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Cowboys & Aliens. I’d like to say ‘there’s no sign of him slowing down’ but on his IMDb page, I don’t see another upcoming film listed, so maybe he is close to retirement? Say it ain’t so, Mr. Ford!!

As the photo indicates, clearly Indiana Jones is my all time favorite Harrison Ford role. I mean, the 6’1″ actor is born to play this role… he’s a man’s man who looks perfect the more disheveled and dirty he gets, and he’s sexy in the most effortless kind of way. I also LOVE him as the CIA officer Jack Ryan (my fave of all others, sorry Alec Baldwin). But it’s not just his bad-ass action stuff that I love him in. I really love his nuanced performance in Regarding Henry, his bookish corporate side in Working Girl and even his romantic side in Sabrina. I haven’t seen Morning Glory, but I’d say he’s got some comic chops in him, too.

The Chicago-native was discovered by George Lucas when Ford was a carpenter at the time — he hired Ford to build cabinets in his home. He liked Ford, and gave him a key supporting role in American Graffiti. Based on this acquaintance, he hired Ford to work on sets for Star Wars While they were casting Lucas had Ford read lines for the character of Han Solo while screen testing other actors. (info from Well, the rest is history. Per IMDb, the U.S. box office grosses of all of Ford’s films total about $3.18 billion, with worldwide grosses totaling approximately $5.65 billion. No other actor in history has box-office grosses as large as Ford’s. WOW!

So now I ask you, dear readers, please vote for your favorite Harrison Ford roles (you can pick up to 2 roles) and feel free to fill in what’s not on the list and add your comments about the actor. THANK YOU!

38 thoughts on “In honor of his birthday today – Please vote for your favorite Harrison Ford movie role

  1. PrairieGirl

    I know Sabrina and Working Girl won’t win, but I love both the movies and his roles. Also liked him a lot in Witness and Mosquito Coast, and Indiana Jones and The Fugitive and Presumed Innocent… well I could go on, what WASN’T he good in? NOTHING! Happy Birthday, Harrison, and as for retiring? Just say NO!

    1. Oh, I actually voted Indy and Linus in Sabrina. I love him in that one, and he’s got a nice chemistry w/ Julia Ormond. I also love him in Working Girl! Yeah, I hope he won’t retire any time soon, lots of other younger, no-talent actors should retire way before him!

  2. Ted S.

    I can’t believe he’s almost 70 years old! But then I’m also getting old myself so I shouldn’t be surprise. Ha ha.

    I remember the first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark, it scared the crap out of me, I was probably 9 or 10 years old and the scene where all of the nazi’s faces were melting stayed with me for months. Of course Indiana Jones is my favorite character of his, follow by Deckard, Dr. Kimble and Jack Ryan; I prefer Alec Baldwin as Ryan though. When I started reading The Bourne novels, I pictured Ford as Jason Bourne, partly because the way the author described him in the books; Bourne was in his mid-40s in the first book and I thought of Ford from beginning. Even though Damon’s good as Bourne, I always wish Ford was younger so he could play that role.

    1. Yeah, he ages well doesn’t he?? I think he was our age when he did Indy, so yeah, we’re definitely getting old too, Ted, but always young at heart, ahah.

      Oh, that scene in the Lost Ark terrified me, too! That whole ending was scary, and I don’t like the 2nd one as there were lots of gross scenes in it, too, and I HATE bugs!!

      I figure lots of people like Baldwin as he’s the original Ryan, but I never really like him as an actor so I like Ford better. Oh yeah, he’d be AWESOME as Bourne, I’m really not keen on Renner replacing Damon, so I might not watch that series.

  3. FUNK

    Nothing like watching a star’s career.
    Let me step into the WayBack Machine here,which another one my favorite Harrison Ford roles was when he played Bob Falfa in American Graffiti…

    1. Hi Dave, that’s his debut role as an actor, right? He’s pretty good for a carpenter, ahah, no I’m joking, I mean he’s not the most expressive actor but certainly a very charismatic and watchable one.

  4. Indy should win this but I am glad to see The Fugitive, Working Girl, and Witness all represented. I would say his worst role to date is a toss up between Joe Galivan (Hollywood Homicide) and Jack Stanfield (Firewall).

  5. Indy’s got this thing wrapped up, I can tell. Even though I voted for Deckard (despite the fact I don’t LOVE Blade Runner, but Ford is awesome). Can’t wait to see the final results!

    1. Yeah, what’s up with that??! I’d think Harrison is the bigger selling point than Daniel even if he’s got more screen time.

  6. I voted for Han, I know I am sad and way to obvious but I just love a waist coat!! There I said it. I feel no shame to it either!!


    Happy Birthday you old git you!!


  7. I actually voted for Indy and for Dr. Kimble. While I love him in Star Wars, I had to vote for the other two!

    I completely missed that it was his bday! Thanks for the nice tribute. I can’t wait for Cowboys and Aliens now!! 🙂

    p.s. love the poll by the way!

    1. Ah yeah, Dr. Kimble is awesome.

      I almost missed his b’day. I saw a tweet about his b’day and I just had to do a tribute for him.

  8. Talk about an easy question to answer Ruth. There is only really one Harrison Ford movie Character imo, well maybe two, but Indy is my fav. Han would be a close second and it looks like most people agree with me. All packed and ready for your trip 2moro? You must be excited 🙂 Take lots of pics!

    1. Hi Ronan, I’m leaving work early today to continue packing and book last minute stuff. I’m soooo excited, a bit nervous about Comic-con as it’ll be our first 😀 We’ll take lots of pics for sure, well I know my hubby will.

      1. Can’t wait to see them and I expect lots of Comic book movie related posts when you get back 😉 Not that you don’t already do a lot of that anyway, but that there is bound to be pkenty of post fodder in that trip. Hope you have a wonderful time and travel safe, I’ll be thinking of and praying for you both.

    1. Mwahahaha… can’t believe I did that, I’m confusing him w/ Hans Gruber?? 😀 Funny that you’re the only one who picked up on that Sam.

  9. Hi, Ruth and company:

    I’ve leaned heavily toward Ford’s Dr. Henry Jones Jr. since his entrance in ‘Raiders’. From his leather jacket, six day stubbled chin and sweat stained brown Fedora to the holstered six inch revolver and bullwhip. A lovely mix of Bogart’s Fred C. Dobbs and Allan Quaterrmain. All pulled off with macho elan between great offhanded quips and unintended humor.

    My second favorite Ford role would be placed under ‘Other’. Ford’s quietly scary and intimidating Martin Stett in ‘The Conversation’. That caught my eye early on in showing the deftly handled power of silhouettes and silence.

    1. Oh I LOVE what you said about Mr. Jones… yes amen to all that!

      I’ve put The Conversation on my queue after I saw your comment on the SF post, looks very intriguing. Thanks Jack!

  10. Definitely Indiana Jones! And I’m sure the majority of people will vote for him. The second pick was tough for me, but I decided to vote for his Blade Runner part.

    1. I figure Deckard would get quite a bit of votes, but YAY on Indy. Can’t imagine anyone not liking him in that role. Thanks Lesya!

  11. I know it’s really obvious, but I had to go with Han Solo. Love Indiana Jones and many of the others, but I grew up with the early Star Wars movies, and Han Solo was the guy.

  12. Jake Deckard only has five votes? For shame! But then that’s just my hormones working. I don’t even like the movie and Sean Young is better but there’s something meditative in his work in Blade Runner.

    1. I like Deckard but I think he’s no match for Indy. I don’t think it’s his performance so much as the look/feel of the film that I think it more memorable.

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  14. It’s an obvious choice but I’d have to go with Indiana Jones. He’s been a favourite of mine since childhood and I can’t imagine anyone else in the role.

    1. Yep, that’s why I hope they’ll NEVER attempt to remake that franchise without Harrison Ford. Even Indy 4 despite its preposterous plot was still watchable because of Ford.

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