THIS JUST IN: Russell Crowe cast as Jor-El in Man of Steel

WHOA!! File this under bombshell news. This totally hit me out of left field! I’ve heard other rumors the past few months of other actors rumored to have been ‘courted’ to play Superman’s Kryptonian father, the likes of  Viggo Mortensen, Sean Penn and even Daniel Day-Lewis (which would be VERY cool indeed if that were true!).

But this afternoon I saw a tweet from FirstShowing’s Alex Billington that my fave Aussie actor RUSSELL CROWE has been cast as Jor-El! The news seems official according to the FirstShowing’s article, which quoted Variety that producer Christopher Nolan had always wanted an A-list thespian to fill that small but pivotal role.

Well, I had a half an hour to kill in between projects so I made this image in Photoshop as I imagined what he would look like as Jor-El. In the photo I found he kind of already has that hair curl thing going on 😀

Well, Mr. Crowe has big shoes to fill considering Marlon Brando was the last actor in that role, including in Superman Returns by way of special effects. It’s definitely a VERY interesting choice… I didn’t know what to think the first time I heard it but I’m warming up to the idea now. Both Brando and Crowe are acting legends who’ve won at least one Oscar and multiple major nominations under their belts. They’re both also known for their antics off-screen (most recently for Crowe, he was under fire for his Tweet about the practice of circumcision in which he’s issued his apology).

Connie Nielsen as Lucilla

Having Crowe in this definitely makes me anticipate this Zack Snyder flick all the more (if that is even possible!) He doesn’t look at all like Henry Cavill a.k.a Kal-El, but I’m sure that’s a non-issue w/ makeup technology these days. Oh as if one Gladiator alum is not enough, and apparently Connie Nielsen (whatever happened to her??) who played Lucilla in the Roman movie has also been offered the role of Lara, Superman’s mom (per Latino Review). I wonder if the Gladiator reunion is intentional? So I guess Maximus and Lucilla did get it on after all, huh? I wonder how bad ass our new Superman would be with a dad like that? 😀

Well, what do you think of this news? Are you even excited for Superman reboot?

Upcoming Flix Spotlight: Cloud Atlas

I was researching about an upcoming post when I came across this project to be produced by the Wachowski siblings. The first thing that caught my eye was that Hugo Weaving will be playing six different characters in this movie. The Aussie actor seems to be the Wachowskis’ muse, having starred in The Matrix and V for Vendetta for them previously and will be seen as Red Skull in Captain America out next month. Then I went to the movie’s IMDb page and whoa… check out the rest of the cast: Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Jim Broadbent, Halle Berry, and Ben Wishaw. Man, talk about a stellar cast!

Cloud Atlas is based on British author David Mitchell’s award-winning sci-fi novel of the same name, it was published in 2004. I haven’t read it, but the premise sounds really interesting. The description on Wikipedia seems convoluted, but I like this one from Corona’s Coming Attraction site:

Six seemingly unconnected stories featuring different central characters in each one, set at different time periods from the 19th century to hundreds of years into the [post-apocalyptic] future when there are only a handful of human beings left alive.

I like the sci-fi genre and seems like a good fit from the people who brought us one of the best sci-fi actioner The Matrix. Besides the story, the format of the novel sounds intriguing as well as each story breaks off half-way through, to be followed by the first half of the next one, which then ‘goes back’ in time so that in the end, the readers will end where they started. Reportedly each actor will play multiple roles in the film, which should be very interesting to watch.

I haven’t seen Mr. Hanks for quite a while, I think his last movie I saw was Charlie’s Wilson War which I rented a couple of years ago. He hasn’t been all that prolific on the acting front – his last feature film was the Da Vinci Code follow-up Angels & Demons (neither of which I have any interest in) and his upcoming dramedy with Julia Roberts, Larry Crowne, is out this July. As for Susan Sarandon, her last movie I saw was Romance & Cigarettes back in 2005 at TIFF! I figure Hanks is quite selective with his projects, so the fact that he chose this one, there’s got to be something special and will no doubt increase the visibility of this project ten-fold.

The Wachowskis will co-direct the film with German director Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, Perfume: Anatomy of a Murderer, The International). I haven’t seen Perfume, but I really like his other two movies. I actually made a trailer of Run Lola Run for a video production class back in college. According to Variety, the budget is set at $140 million and it’ll begin shooting later this Summer for May 4, 2012 release.

I’m quite excited about this movie now. How about you, folks?