Poster of the Week: Captain America retro poster

Oooh, lookie here! Thanks to my friend ScarletSp1der for the tip on the 15 Questions Meme post. I LOVE this retro poster! It’s perfectly suited for the WWII era the movie is set in. I’m surprised this doesn’t open in the Fourth of July weekend here in the US (its release date is July 22), considering how patriotic the movie is, exemplifying a hero’s valor and courage to fight against evil. For those who read the comics will undoubtedly recognize the inspiration from this comic book cover.

The poster was designed by comic book artist Paolo Rivera (visit his blog)

Typically I don’t like posters that have too much going on, especially those with FHS (floating heads syndrome) like most posters are these days. But regardless of how busy it is, I think it works here and your eye still focus on the main action element of the poster of our valiant hero punching the heck out of Hitler. Chris Evans kinda looks like a young Cary Elwes in this poster, don’t you think?

Speaking of Joe Johnston, my favorite movie of his is The Rocketeer as you probably know (especially in regards to the villain). I really like this retro poster from that film which was set in the late 30s.

I gotta admit I’ve become increasingly more interested to see this movie, though I wasn’t as excited about it before. I’ve never read the comics and I sort of thought the story is pretty cheesy. But I’m looking forward to it now. I think the retro look is a huge appeal for me, and I am a big fan of the actors in the villain roles: Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and Richard Armitage as Nazi officer Heinz Krueger.

What do you think of the poster? Are you psyched about Capt. America?