Vote for your five fave posters from Best Picture-winning films

I was going to do my usual weekly poster post, but when I visited my go-to poster site, I noticed that they’ve been running this awesome poll related to the Oscars for the past week. I already forgot about the darn award show but I LOVE posters and this is a pretty neat idea for a poll. The site came up with a list of the best poster designs amongst the 83 Best Picture winners from 1927 – 2010, here’s a sampling below. Did you notice how posters get more darker and more saturated over the years?

All you have to do is pick five of your favorite from the list. Note that the posters they included were used for the film’s initial release, which were displayed in this official Oscar poster from a few years back. Once you hit the ‘cast your vote’ button, your selections then is posted on the results page along with other voters’. You can also check out the tally of the top ten posters that get the most votes at the top of the page.

I’ve already submitted my votes, which you can see in the results page. It’s really tough to pick just five, as there are a lot of good ones out there, but the five I picked are based on effectiveness, as in which one grabs my attention the most if I saw it in passing, or even among a sea of posters here. They may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing, but if they have stopping power, then I think the designer(s) have done the job well. So far, two of the ones I voted made the top ten voters’ faves 🙂

Anyway, here’s my five picks:

  • Schindler’s List (those hands pack such emotional punch)
  • American Beauty (I guess I like hands 🙂 but the blend of innocence and blatant sexuality just kinda pulls you in)
  • Chariots of Fire (very unique composition with one of the most iconic running scenes in movie history at the top, hard to miss)
  • Out of Africa (Soooo pretty and romantic, makes you want to transport yourself over to where they are)
  • Rocky (This might not be the most beautiful design, but it sure grabs my attention because of its simplicity)

Anyway, why not join the fun and pick your own five favorites and let me know which ones get your votes.