Musings on the 2011 Oscars… glad award season is over!

Finally it’s here… the Oscars! But I’m more excited for the fact it’s the end of award season, so we can just all move on!!

Ok, I got to admit I was quite blase about this year’s Oscar hosts, but you know what, both of them seem affable enough and the opening of them being inserted in various Best Picture nominees is actually pretty funny. That one where Anne Hathaway was quacking like a chicken in Black Swan was a hoot, but nothing compared to James Franco in that white ballet outfit, LMAO!

Lovin’ the Gone with The Wind stills and music up enveloping the entire stage… oh how I adore that film.

Now, am I the only one cringing at Kirk Douglas warbling all over, I mean, sure he’s a legend and all but it’s really hard to watch. My husband’s friend’s kid said on Facebook, ‘Is he ready to live with Jesus?’ Yikes! And he kept going on and on too, oh dear!

Melissa Leo wins Best Supporting Actress! She looked the most tense as the camera keeps panning to all the nominees. Y’know I’m glad she wins, I was rooting for her initially, but what’s with the foul language in the acceptance speech? Not classy, not classy at all.

Justin Timberlake is kinda growing on me (well not literally obviously), he seems at ease with himself, and confidence is great in a man. That Banksy joke was funny… I wonder if the graffiti artist were amongst the audience??

Lots of smugness in the Best Screenplay segment… first the presenter, Josh Brolin just always strikes me as so darn smug… and the award for Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Aaron Sorkin. So yeah, he probably deserves it, but really, smug just ain’t cool. He said something about Fincher not having to be such a nice guy as he’s so talented, now apparently he thinks if you’re talented you should be a jerk. Whateva.

Glad to see David Seidler (winning for Best Original Screenplay for The King’s Speech) is much more gracious, and boy he’s clearly a writer, that’s one fine acceptance speech.

Love dame Helen in her perfect-sounding French accent … too bad there’s that Russell Brand bloke next to her.

YAY for Christian Bale!! This is probably the one category I’d have strong emotional reaction to. I mean, I’d probably be moping around all week if Jeremy Renner wins, but glad that the one I truly want and deserve to win, finally does! Congrats Christian Bale, love you man! And your emotional yet funny speech was truly moving, love that he was giving tribute to his wife with teary eyed. So there is definitely a romantic bone in his body, now why can’t he do more romance??

Anne Hathaway is no Billy Crystal, but she’s actually doing pretty good so far. She’s got a nice voice, too, but I found his jab at Hugh Jackman kind of pointless and devoid of laughter. I give her points for at least trying to appear jubilant and at least excited to be hosting, it’s as if she were making up for Franco’s sleepy/bored/stoned/why-the-heck-did-I-sign-up-for-this-gig expression throughout, even the Marilyn Monroe drag-queen getup seemed forced.

Trent Reznor won Best Score for The Social Network. That’s actually the part of the movie I don’t remember much about… I was pulling for Alexandre Desplat for The King’s Speech… but then again , that’s more my kind of music. Well, methinks it’ll all come down between these two movies.

Glad for Randy Newman winning his second award out of his 20th Oscar nomination, I mean who doesn’t love that Toy Story 3 song? Wow, I had no idea he’s the Susan Lucci of the Oscars. I’d say he ought to have won at least half of all those noms.

Oprah?? Meh.

But at least the presence of two fine gentlemen Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, aka Holmes and Watson were great eye candy 😀

Tom Hooper won Best Director!! WOW, I LOVE The King’s Speech but I seriously thought the Oscar would’ve gone to David Fincher! But at the same time, I’m not gonna be a Hooper Hater considering how I love that movie! And his acceptance speech and tribute to his mom was gracious.

Ok now, James Franco is definitely high tonight right? I mean, he’s never quite able to wipe out that stoned look out of his face. He seemed to perk up as the event concluded though, so maybe he was just bored stiff like the rest of the audience and viewers?? 😀 Now, I hope they get somebody else for next year’s hosting gig though. I like my friend Sam from Banana Oil Movies‘ idea of RDJ and Jude Law hosting next year, now that’d be awesome! I wouldn’t mind Kevin Spacey as well, he seems at ease with himself and he’s a decent singer, too.

Now, the Best Actress and Best Actor awards are pretty much the most predictable award of an already predictable year. Congrats Natalie Portman… she even thanked Luc Besson for giving her her first ever role in The Professional (aka Leon), definitely one of her best performances ever IMO.

Lovely Sandra Bullock presents Best Actor award in her lovely red dress. Living well is the best revenge I’d say… she couldn’t look more radiant and gorgeous tonight. She said ‘Hola’ to Javier Bardem which I thought was cute… and LOL at that jab at second-time-nominee-in-a-row Jeff Bridges to share his Oscar winning. Ok now, Jesse, not everyday an Oscar nom comes your way, could you at least smile or show some kind of emotion, boyo?? I mean, even Joel Coen had a hint of a smile when the camera was on Hailee Steinfeld, who looks so darn adorable by the way.

Anyhoo… no need for drum roll for this one…

Colin Firth wins again! Yeah, I’d  be hard pressed finding someone NOT betting on him tonight. Now that’s acting for you, trying to act surprised to hear his name called… but Colin is such a classy guy and his acceptance speech always comes across so genuine and charming. True Brit, someone tweeted. I concur!

LOVE that Jurassic Park score accompanying Steven Spielberg to introduce Best Picture award… ok yeah, finally the show is coming to an end.

So the final winner is… The King’s Speech! Lots of people are bummed out by it, it was fun seeing all the rants and anger-spewing tweets on the Best Picture reaction. Seriously people, this is all subjective anyway, if you think Movie A was the BEST thing ever, then the fact that it didn’t win shouldn’t alter your opinion. I certainly didn’t think last year’s Best Picture was any better after it won an Oscar. In any case, it does feel nice the fact that the film that I did enjoy won this year. So the King reigns indeed!

So, how did my Oscar predictions from last Friday fare?
Well, I got five out of seven of my predictions right. I really thought David Fincher is gonna win for Best Director, whilst Best Picture goes to The King’s Speech. Oh well, that was that. Here is the full list of winners:

The winners

Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland

Cinematography: Inception

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo for The Fighter

Best Animated Short Film: The Lost Thing

Best Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network

Best Original Screenplay: David Seidler, The King’s Speech

Best Foreign Language Film: Susanne Bier, In a Better World

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter

Best Original Score: Trent Reznor, The Social Network

Best Sound Mixing: Inception

Best Sound Editing: Inception

Best Makeup: The Wolfman

Best Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland

Best Documentary Short: Strangers No More

Best Short Live Action: God of Love

Best Visual Effects: Inception

Best Film Editing: The Social Network

Best Director: Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech

Best Actress: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Best Actor: Colin Firth, The King’s Speech

and finally…

The Best Picture Oscar winner of 2011 is… The King’s Speech

So… did you watch the Oscars? What do you think is the best/worst part of the show?