Everybody’s Chattin’ – because it’s always fun to talk about movies!

Happy almost Friday, all! And those who celebrate this holiday, Happy Chinese New Year! I was born in the year of the rabbit actually (and so was my husband), but I’m not really into Chinese horoscopes or any kind of horoscopes for that matter, nor do I know what’s the significance of those animal signs are all about.

But just for fun, I thought I’d highlight one of cinema’s most famous rabbit character, Bambi’s Thumper. From one of Disney’s most beloved classics, Bambi’s rabbit BFF is so much fun to watch, and but he also symbolizes friendship and loyalty. Sounds like virtues worth highlighting to me… plus, he’s just utterly adorable!

Ok, now on to the link love!

  • Everybody’s talking about Superman this week, and that’s always a fun week in my book. Now that Zack Snyder has chosen his Man of Steel, Castor @ Anomalous Material asked us who should play Lois Lane. Dezmond the Hollywood Spy reports that Olivia Wilde could be one of the contenders, and he also has a poll for you to vote on who should get the role of Superman’s love interest.
  • To remind us that there is more to Hollywood than superhero flicks, Andrew @ Encore Entertainment selects his Best Supporting Actresses picks. A total of 25 names are mentioned in his list… in his own words, this is “… a category that offers the widest foray of good performances, most of which incidentally are not as lauded as they ought to be.”
  • So what if you’re not satisfied with this year’s Oscar picks? You can sound off about it like I did or… come up with your own! That’s what Frank from Pompous Film Snob set out to do by inviting a few bloggers to participate on their own nominations. Now, that’s a list of nominees I can get behind, though I’m still puzzled over why Jeremy Renner’s in there though.
  • The Droid You’re Looking For that goes by the name John  is taking a break from his hilarious stick figures and charts to open the pandora’s box of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die. Get scrollin’ as he lists in chronological order the movies he has seen and those he have not that are listed in that book.
  • Aiden reviewed a beloved 1984 classics Ghostbusters. I guess Mac computer isn’t the only great thing that came out that year!

    BONUS link:
  • Ross vs. Ross was on to a great cinematic find: The Nicholas Cage Matrix! No explanation necessary, you simply must check it out!

Well, before you run off to check out these fab links, I’d like to know: what are your movie viewing plans this weekend?

23 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ – because it’s always fun to talk about movies!

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      1. ah, more than 50 blogs have published posts on the glorious DEZZY AWARDS 🙂 earlier this January, so I don’t think anyone noticed that you haven’t 🙂 But I must admit I was touched with more than 30 bloggers who actually took their real pics in glitzy outfits and posted them that Sunday when HOLLYWOOD SPY gala was on 🙂 The whole blogosphere was green that weekend. And the best thing was how many people became friends and followers that day at the ceremony. I’m sure everyone will be waiting anxiously for next year’s ceremony 🙂 And I still smile wherever I see the award badges in so many sidebars around the blogosphere.

  2. WOO! Thanks for the plug and for spreading the GB love! As for the weekend, watching From Russia with Love for the first time and hopefully revisiting Amelie. And that whole Super Bowl thing, that’s definitely on the To Do list.

    1. WOW, watching a classic Bond flick sounds like a great idea. Too funny, as PrairieGirl is going to be watching Living Daylights for the first time as well. FRwL has one of the best theme songs from John Barry… oh he’ll be sorely missed.

      So who are you rooting for this year Aiden?

  3. PrairieGirl

    Got The Living Daylights and Calendar Girls DVDs waiting for the weekend. And I’m a (beware) snake! Totally forgot about Thumper, cute, Cute CUTE!

    1. Ooooh, TLD! Makes me want to watch it again 🙂 I love how they introduced Dalton as Bond in the intro… and it’s one of the best intros in all of the Bond flicks. I’ll grill you on Monday about this one, he..he..

      I haven’t seen Calendar Girls but I heard Mirren is great in there. Oh you’re a snake huh? No wonder you’re sneaky sometimes (J/K) 😀

  4. thanks for the linkage ruthie. that Cage thing is so great.
    great shout on Thumper, i watched Bambi last week for the first time in decades and it really is a terrific film. will have a review up next week. its friday!

  5. I finally saw ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’; my post on that is up now. I plan on seeing ‘The Illusionist’ with a Francophile friend of mine next week.

    Is it me or did Thumper always come across as slightly androgynous?

    1. Oh I really want to see both the films you mention. Good for you, Rich. Ahah, I never saw Thumper as anything but a cute lil’ rabbit, so yeah maybe it’s just you 😉

  6. Apparently i was born in the year of the horse.

    As for me, i don’t have any specific plans(I rarely plan out my movie watching), but i do have to see Thelma & Louise for my screenwriting class

    1. Oh cool, Julian. So what do you have to do in your screenwriting class? Do you have to write an essay for T&L? That’s a good film by Ridley Scott, it’s been ages since I saw that one.

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