Random question of the week: Which celeb do you wish to be retweeted by on Twitter?

Happy Friday all!

Those who are a bit of a Twitter addict (like me) or have a Twitter account you visit from time to time, y’know all it’s #FF time (it’s follow friday in case you didn’t know, which is an effective way to promote friends & followers by recommending them to your own followers).

I don’t use Facebook at all, never had much interest in it and I don’t think I ever will. But I LOVE Twitter! In fact, watching the Golden Globes last Sunday was much more fun as I’m ‘conversing’ with my Twitter pals, 140 characters at a time.

Well, one of the coolest things that happens on the micro blogging site is when someone retweet your tweet so their followers can see it, too. It’s quite a compliment when someone thinks your tweet is interesting enough to share to others. It’s apparently such a phenomenon that there are even a bunch of paraphernalia out there displaying sentiments about retweet, such as this t-shirt. And given its popularity, a Twitter movie is inevitable. In fact, someone made a mock trailer of a Twitter movie, as you can see they’re poking fun at the other popular social network site 😉

Anyway, I had the idea to post this when I saw this tweet that was retweeted by director Edgar Wright whom I follow:

I thought that was amusing. Well, I guess that guy/girl got their wish after all. It’s cool that Twitter somehow allows regular folks to potentially ‘converse’ with famous people like that. I don’t follow a whole bunch of celebs as of now, but out of the ones I do, I’d love to get retweeted by Russell Crowe or Zack Snyder, or Simon Pegg. Oh and Nathan Fillion!

So my question to you folks, which celeb do you follow that you wish you’d get retweeted by?

P.S. If you haven’t already, would you follow me on Twitter? 🙂