Oh lookie here! Cool new X-Men First Class pics and teaser poster

Oooh, my inner fangirl has been so spoiled lately! Forget Spider-man and Captain America, the superhero movie I’m hugely anticipating this year is X-Men: First Class prequel, especially the Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy casting.

You’ve probably seen this banner with all the cast in their mutant suit. As much as I’m excited to see anything from the upcoming flick, I thought the image looks like a bad Photoshop job (that turns out to be a fan-created so that explains the dismal quality). But yesterday, a few additional photos were released that look a heck of a lot better and more realistic. I mean, these people look like they were actually being photographed together. I’m digging the retro 60s look, and I think the cast is great. I just realize Rose Byrne is in this one, I like her. And Jennifer Lawrence has been generating lots of buzz with her performance in Winters’ Bone. I’m also looking forward to seeing the talented young Brit Nicholas Hoult (the one with the glasses) as the young Hank McCoy (Beast).

All photos courtesy of LA Times’ Hero Complex Blog

X-Men: First Class Cast

To see the whole cast list, check out its IMDb page

James McAvoy as Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto

As for the teaser poster, they pretty much went with the ‘X’ emblem route that have been used for the previous X-Men flicks (this one for X:3 with Wolverine’s claws is my favorite). The only difference is this one looks a little more retro with the serif font. If you don’t know anything about this film and what ‘school for the gifted’ means, it almost look like a poster for a Roman swords & sandals film as the whole thing kinda looks like a bronze shield.

I wish they’d just release the trailer already, I mean this movie is supposed to be released June 3rd, you’d think they’ve got at least a teaser trailer of some sort. Just as a comparison, Green Lantern is released two weeks later than this one but we’ve already seen its trailer like a month ago. Well, all we got so far is this trailer description that The Daily Blam released earlier this month. Here are some of the highlights:

● Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan voice over the opening lines about destiny and which side will you stand for as scenes of each in their previous X-Men movie roles flash until the entire screen flashes from white to black.
● A very young Xavier and Erik meet for the first time, followed by a different angle of the scene from the opening of X-Men in the concentration camp.
● Scene transitions to Erik yelling dramatically as metal tables in the room begin to float around him. Xavier and Mags shake hands with a tall man in a lab coat introduced as Dr. McCoy.
● The words “The other was too far gone” flash as a very pissed off Erik storms through a hallway killing guards as he passes them.

And for more First Class goodies, MSN also got an interview with Michael Fassbender where he discussed his role as Erik Lehnsherr (a.k.a Magneto). You can read it here. I absolutely can’t wait for this movie, though I kinda feel bad for director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass, Layer Cake) who seemed really stressed out based on this Hero Complex article. Looks like this is the first time he’s got to work against an extremely tight deadline, whilst he’s used to working on small films that might not even find a distributor! I hope that the studios cut him some slack, I mean, I’d rather wait a few more months if need be than seeing this suffer from a rushed production.

What say you, folks? Are you as excited about this movie as I am?