Hollywood Fantasy Draft II: FlixChatter’s Dream Cast

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It’s that time of the year again, the moment lots of movie bloggers/fans have anticipated has arrived. Yep, it’s the second installment of Anomalous Material’s Hollywood Fantasy Draft where we get to be the producer of any movie we could possibly want with any actors we so desire, by selecting them one round at a time.

Since my last pitch was a romantic thriller, this time the genre will be romantic mystery set in Britain and Italy. That’s all I can say about it until my pitch is scheduled to be revealed one week from now. I’m happy to say that I manage to get all the cast and director who I think are perfect for my story, so without further ado, here they are in the order that I selected them:

Round 1

Michael Fassbender, 33
When I picked Michael, I haven’t figured out what my story is going to be about. But now that I’ve figured out my story, I’m glad I picked him. The Irish actor’s star is quickly on the rise in Hollywood due to his great turn in films like 300, Inglourious Basterds, Centurion) and I highly anticipate his upcoming work in Jane Eyre and A Dangerous Method.

Round 2

Rufus Sewell, 43
Since Rufus is on my list of seven talented actors who deserve more leading roles, and I’ve been complaining how underutilized he is in Hollywood, I think he’d be perfect for my story. He’s sooo easy on the eyes but with an enormous talent and versatility to match. Now the trick is finding a leading lady who deserves him.

Round 3

Charlize Theron, 35
I need an exotic beauty who’s intelligent and has an air of mystery about her, Theron would fit the bill nicely. She’ll be sporting a darker hair instead of her usual blond locks, as well as a lot more tan.

Round 4

Joe Wright, 38
I select this English director as I’m impressed with what he did with Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Atonement. For sure this guy can do romance! And since there’s a great deal of mystery and dark undertones in my story, Wright should be able to capture that as well. Plus, his films are always beautifully-shot.

Round 5

Emily Watson, 43
I need a solid mature actress who’s smart and witty for the role of a London novelist. Watson is so under-appreciated despite churning out consistently good performances.

Round 6

Alan Rickman, 64
I’ve always adored Rickman and he always strikes me as a tortured-soul type which would be perfect for this role. If you think he’d be playing a villain, think again. The seasoned Brit is more than a one trick pony. He’ll play the estranged father of Charlize’s character.

Round 7

Rosamund Pike, 31
I need a British young woman to play Charlize’s step sister. Rosamund has impressed me in several movies (except for Die Another Day) and she’ll be a good addition to my cast.

Round 8

Brenda Blethyn, 64
I need a middle-aged actress to fill a sympathetic stepmother role, for that I choose this acclaimed English actress. She has also worked with Joe Wright before in both Atonement and Pride & Prejudice.

Round 9

Rupert Penry-Jones, 40
For the flashback scenes, this London actor will play the younger Alan Rickman as a British naval officer during WWII. Since he played a Naval Captain in BBC’s Persuasion but did not get to wear his navy uniform, I intend to rectify that situation in my movie 😀

Additional Cast

Maggie Smith, 76
Despite the merely 12-year difference, the Dame will play Alan’s mother. The two-time Oscar winner doesn’t have a big part, but certainly an important one in relation to Charlize’s family’s past.

Additional Cast

Alfred Molina, 57
This veteran English actor is ever so versatile he’s been known to play various ethnicity, due to his Spanish & Italian heritage. In fact, the first time I saw him was as an Iranian in Not Without My Daughter. In my movie he’ll be playing Charlize’s Italian uncle.

Additional Cast

Alessandro Nivola, 38
I’ve been impressed by Nivola in several films, i.e. Junebug, Mansfield Park. In the latter he played a flirtatious Henry Crawford so he’ll be using that devilish charm once again here as an Italian stranger. Nivola’s actually part Italian as his paternal grandfather was the Italian sculptor Costantino Nivola.

So there you have it. Now the question is, would you pay to see a movie with this kind of cast?