Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Henry’s Crime

Yesterday my buddy John just left a link to a VW commercial starring Peter Stormare in the comment section. Well whaddayaknow, on the same day I saw him in this trailer! I’ve never heard about Henry’s Crime before but the trailer looks pretty funny. It’s kinda like The Town meets Small Time Crooks.

Here’s the gist:
After serving three years in prison for a bank robbery he did not commit, an amiable but aimless man decides to rob the bank for real. His plan involves infiltrating a local theater company currently rehearsing Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, but his scheme gets complicated when he falls for the company’s lead actress.

Boy I haven’t seen a Keanu Reeves movie since the abysmal The Lake House a few years ago, but he’s the type of actors who still gets a pass (from me anyway) despite his poor role choices and lack of believability in certain roles. I like Vera Farmiga, who’s lovely and compelling in Up in the Air, and then there’s James Caan doing his best tough, wisecracking self as Reeves’ cellmate. You gotta love an actor who honestly admits that “My acting technique is to look up at God just before the camera rolls and say, ‘Give me a break.'” (per IMDb) 😀

Anyway, here’s the trailer:

You can read more details about the story on the Toronto Film Festival page where this movie was screened last year. He’s what TIFF”s co-director Cameron Bailey had to say about it: “A gem of a comedy that consistently surprises, Henry’s Crime boasts marquee stars playing beautifully between the hum of ensemble acting and bright flashes of movie-star thrills… Director Malcolm Venville drops all the ingredients into the pot and stirs furiously. The money in the vault is a MacGuffin, so too is the Chekhov production – although Peter Stormare has some hilarious scenes trying to teach Henry to act. What this movie really revolves around is Henry’s awakening, as he realizes that his love for the brash, impatient Julie is the true meaning of his life.”

It’s scheduled to be released next week in the UK, but no domestic date has been announced yet. Well, it’ll probably be a rental for me.

What do you all think?