Random Question: Which director/actor reunion would you like to see?

In honor of South African director Neill Blomkamp reuniting with his District 9 Sharlto Copley for another sci-fi flick Elysium, it made me think of other director/actor duo I’d like to see working together again.


As I’ve just finally got around to watching some highly-acclaimed and beloved movies, I wonder if the director & actor were to work together again today, would they be able to repeat the same ‘magic?’ Of course it doesn’t always happen. You could argue that Ridley Scott + Russell Crowe subsequent collaborations seem to be in diminishing returns mode as they haven’t been able to recapture Gladiator‘s ‘glory.’ But Martin Scorsese’s frequent collaboration with Robert De Niro seem to be more successful — they’ve been working together a total of 8 times! (per Wiki)

I’ll start with my list first, and I’d ask you to share your own top five in the comments section.

  • Peter Weir & Russell Crowe
    This might actually happen as my pal Sam from Banana Oil Movies just blogged the other day about the possibility of a Master & Commander sequel. You know normally I’m not a big fan of sequels and remakes, but this is one I certainly get behind. Both Weir and Crowe are no stranger to accolades and the two Aussies have consistently deliver good work. Weir recently finished The Way Back and Crowe once again displayed his acting prowess in The Next Three Days. Whether it’s M&C or some other film, we can expect something great from this two.
  • Zach Snyder & Gerard Butler
    Ok, by suggesting this combo, by no means do I condone the 300 sequel — I have voiced my strong opposition to that here. But I quite like Snyder’s unique directing style and Butler obviously was excellent as Leonidas. Both made their breakthrough in the highly CGI-ed roman flick, and from the interview clips of them together, they look like they really enjoyed working together, which is always a good sign. I think when Watchmen was in production and Snyder reportedly had a role for Butler but didn’t work out due to scheduling conflict. Well, both are busy guys, Snyder with Man of Steel and Butler is currently finishing up Machine Gun Preacher & that Farrelli Brothers’ Movie 43. Let’s hope their collaboration will happen eventually.
  • Christopher Nolan & Guy Pearce
    Memento is one of my top five Nolan movies, and I’m sure a lot of people’s top list as well. And Pearce is one of those extremely talented thespian whom I’d love to see win an Oscar one day. Well wouldn’t it be awesome if both of them win for the same movie? I think Pearce is one of the most influential actors of the last decade. He was also phenomenal in L.A. Confidential (as equally good as his co-star Russell Crowe), so I’d also like to see him work together again with Curtis Hanson.
  • Ridley Scott & Harrison Ford
    This is highly unlikely as Scott is currently busy working on the Alien prequel Paradise, not to mention a slew of other works he’s reportedly involved in. But since I just watched Blade Runner recently, wouldn’t it be nice to see if Scott cast the 68-year-old actor in one of his sci-fi flick? How about Forever War? As in my Ridley Scott post, I quoted Variety as saying “It’s a science-fiction epic, a bit of The Odyssey by way of Blade Runner, built upon a brilliant, disorienting premise.”Well, there ya go.
  • Terrence Malick & Christian Bale
    Though Bale was only in The New World for about 20 minutes or so, it was truly one of the movie’s highlights for me. I hardly ever see Bale in such an unabashedly romantic role and what a delight that was. It’s a pity that the rumor of Bale being cast in Malick’s next project following The Tree of Life is unlikely to happen. According to AICN, he was reportedly to star alongside Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams in a ‘powerful and moving love story.’ OH MY! What I’d give to see that! We’ve seen the tough, intense, psycho side of Bale… I’d love to see his tender side, and Malick obviously was able to get that out of him even despite his brief screen time. Fingers crossed his next flick after Batman 3 will have lots of romance in it 😉

Bonus pick:

As I had just seen the fabulous The Last of the Mohicans recently, it’d be nice to see Michael Mann do another movie with Daniel Day-Lewis again. Such an excellent performance from Day-Lewis and easily one of my favorite from Mann’s work. Here they are on the set of the adventure historical drama:


Ok, now your turn. Share your picks of director/actor reunion you’d like to see.