Five reasons why I’d see The Tourist on opening night!

Now, for most people, the main draw of this movie would be the two super famous celebrities featured in every piece of marketing for this movie. The studios are obviously relying on the actors’ bankable quality and star power to put butts on seats, that having only their gorgeous mugs on the movie posters would suffice. I don’t blame ’em I suppose, how else would you sell a movie with Johnny Depp AND Angelina Jolie?

But to me, they’re not even on the list of why this movie was on my radar in the first place. I’ve never gone to see a movie because either one of them is in it. But those who actually matter to me aren’t even featured in the trailer! I was beginning to worry that maybe their part is sooo teeny tiny it’ll be a blink-and-you-miss-it type of cameo. But then some photos have surfaced on IMDb that got me pumped again to see this flick. So anyways, let’s get to those five reasons, shall we?

1. TIMOTHY DALTON as Chief Inspector Jones
Obviously no explanation necessary if you’ve been a regular on this blog 😀 Believe it or not, there is only ONE movie of Dalton I saw in the theater and that was Hot Fuzz. I was pretty young when his Bond flicks came out and at the time I didn’t go to the movies as often. So any chance I can get to see him on the big screen, I’m SO THERE!!

Added 12/7 –
View Dalton’s interview below about Depp & Jolie and the movie’s plot:

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as The Englishman

I actually think it’s criminal to use such a talent like Rufus and not make the most of him! So I hope the fact that his character doesn’t even have a name won’t mean that it’s an insignificant role and that he’s got at least some adequate screen time, which probably won’t be enough for his fans anyway 😦 Speaking of criminal, judging from the photo below, looks like he just might be playing a villain in the movie. Oh, juicy! 🙂

Oh, and thanks to my pal Prairiegirl for the tip, here’s an interview snippet with Mr. Sewell talking about the director and that he thinks The Tourist has Hitchcock-ian quality similar to North by Northwest:

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3. German Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
I’m not familiar with Donnersmarck‘s work as I have not seen The Lives of Others. But that dramatic thriller won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and the director also won a slew of award in 2008, including a BAFTA. With that in mind, I’m hoping there’ll be some substance in this one beneath all the slickness. It doesn’t hurt that the co-writers of the script are Julian Fellowes and Christopher McQuarrie, both have written some excellent work in the past, such as Gosford Park and The Usual Suspects, respectively.

Florian and Angelina on the set in Venice

4. The gorgeous locations: PARIS! VENICE!

In some movies, the setting almost becomes the ‘star’ of the film itself and with a name like The Tourist, it should be expected, right? If all else fails, the movie is guaranteed to get you itching to go to these European cities. Venice always looks spectacular on film with those colorful painted houses along the canal… and I’ve always wanted to sip a cup of coffee in those street cafes in Paris and ride the Metro.

5. It looks like a great escape right smack dab in the middle of Winter!

Growing up watching Bond flicks, I’m always up for watching various type of chases on film. And The Tourist is likely to offer plenty of that… on a boat, on a train, on foot… with gorgeous backdrop to match the gorgeous people who surely will manage to retain their glamor and charm through all those cat and mouse game. Depp in his goofy mode seems to get the befuddled look down pat and Angie can do full seductive mode practically in her sleep, it’ll be interesting just to watch these two play off each other. So when it’s 20 below outside come December 10, I can at least live vicariously through these beautiful people 😀


Well folks, are you excited for this movie? I’m also curious, which under-appreciated actor(s) always get you to see a movie even if their part is minimal?