Musings on ‘Uncharted’ movie casting news

I normally don’t make a special post on just one casting news, especially on a project I’m not even familiar about. But I was at a giant retail store yesterday and the video game Uncharted 2 was featured on one of those giant TVs and I actually stopped for five minutes to watch it. I’m not a gamer so suffice to say last night was the first time I saw this Indiana-Jones/Tomb Raider type of action adventure game. It’s amazing how realistic today’s games are, its environment/setting looks gritty and life-like and the characters are darn near as expressive as those of real actors.

Apparently I was oblivious at the various casting news about this movie a few days ago, as I said to my husband as we were watching the promo that Hollywood’s probably turning this into a movie real soon. It’s not until after I got home and Googled more about Uncharted that I realized Mark Wahlberg is the frontrunner to play the main character Nathan Drake!

The fictional protagonist Nathan Drake & the actors vying to play him

Heh, I don’t know about you but I definitely didn’t have Wahlberg in mind when I watched the character. Not even close. I imagined someone tall, lean, dark-haired, rugged-looking guy in the mid-late 30s who looks fantastic sporting scruff and dirt on his face. More on that in a bit. Then I also found out from this site that Nathan Fillion had wanted to nab the role, he even hinted about it via Twitter back in October. Man, I’d be happy if he indeed got the role. If you’ve seen Serenity or even just one episode of Firefly, you know he’s certainly got the physical resemblance and personality for the character. Plus, Nathan playing Nathan would’ve had a nice ring to it 😀 Oh well, Wahlberg’s obviously got more clout and the fact that David O’Russell’s going to helm the project might have something to do with it. He’s done at least 2 movies with O’Russell: Three Kings & the upcoming boxing flick The Fighter. But I’m not as interested to watch it now with him in it. No offense to Wahlberg, I generally like the guy and he’s a decent actor, I just don’t think he’s right for the role.

[Updated 7/7/11 – Apparently O’Russell is now out and Limitless director Neil Burger is now set to direct [per THR], so I’m hopeful Wahlberg might not be doing the role after all!]

For what it’s worth, the actor that did come to my mind right away was Richard Armitage, one of my favorite British actor who’s just been cast in The Hobbit and is now starring in Strike Back in UK’s Sky 1 Channel. He’s not American nor has he done much (if any) American roles so far, though I’m sure that’s not as big as an issue other than he’s not exactly a household name.

GB, Armitage and Trucco

I also came across a few posts online suggesting Gerry Butler in the role, which of course I totally can see. I personally would rather see him play Nathan Drake than Afterburn, the comic-based sci-fi saga he’s been rumored to take on. And just for the heck of it, I’d also like to throw another name into the mix: Michael Trucco from Battlestar Galactica who, interestingly enough, has had a few stint on Fillion’s ABC show Castle lately. He’s an even more obscure actor obviously, but if you’ve seen him as Sam Enders (Starbucks’ one-time husband) in Battlestar Galactica, you probably know why I think he’d be suitable for the role.

Well, those who play this video game or at least familiar with this project, what do you think about the casting decision? Who would you rather see portray Nathan Drake?