Gerry Butler Birthday Tribute from FlixChatter’s Friends

This is Part 2 of GB Birthday tribute, view Part 1: Top Five Gerard Butler Scenes

Prairie Girl

Once upon a time (sometime in 2006, actually), in an ordinary office building in the suburban midwest, I came to be a cubicle next-door neighbor with a girl who I thought was in love with someone other than her husband because she had wall-to-wall pictures (and one very special autographed picture) and posters of a tall, dark, hunky man everywhere you turned in her cube. Turns out the affair wasn’t torrid, he was an actor, from a foreign land far, far away (much like she herself) but then again, he was no ordinary actor.

The girl said he was so striking that in the very first scene she ever saw him in, she was overtaken with intense curiosity and immediately driven to know the dashing, masked stranger. Turns out the actor could sing as well, and was starring in a 2005 movie adapted from the famous stage play Phantom of the Opera when she was stricken and succumbed to his spell. Well, my proximity to her and her reverie left me vulnerable, and it wasn’t long before I was in Gerard Butler’s clutches too.
And so it was: rtm met Gerry. Then PrairieGirl met rtm. And without rtm, she may never have known Gerry the way she knows him now. And not so long after that a child (er, oh, I mean a movie blog) called FlixChatter was born. And as long as Gerry stays in the bright lights, keeps making movies, and stays his appealing, fun-loving self, we will all live happily ever after.
Oh, and by the way, a very happy birthday to you, Gerry!
P.S. The girl has considerably “downsized” GB in her cube as of late, but that does NOT mean he’s been downsized in her heart, just on the walls 😉



Every guy, including myself, loves watching movies starring the rough, rugged hero that beats the mess out of the enemy, still looks good doing so, and gets the girl (for the most part)! Enter Russell Crowe, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, even Harrison Ford, etc. But one guy in particular -Gerard Butler- seems to consistently be a part of that list. For me, it was the movie 300 that really boosted him to that level of “icon” status.

In commemoration of Gerard Butler’s birthday, I and a few other friends decided to have a “Gerard Butler Guys’ Movie Night.” The one thing it required  was to decide which movies to watch. Of course 300 is on the top of the list. But I began to look at other films that he has been in and realized just how much I had forgotten he had played in.

  • Didn’t know that he was in 007: Tomorrow Never Dies.
    (rtm note: In a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo in the opening scene)
  • Forgot about his role as Dracula in Dracula 2000.
    (rtm note: Atrocious film, but GB does make for a mesmerizing dark prince)
  • I’d like to forget Bounty Hunter and Reign of Fire.
  • Didn’t realize he could sing until I watched parts of The Phantom of the Opera.

None of those flicks made the list, by the way. But in addition to 300, the other movies that also made the cut for our list were: RocknRolla, How to Train Your Dragon, Law Abiding Citizen, and Gamer.

My personal favorite of his so far still has to be 300 and his role as King Leonidas. And here’s why…

  1. Butler completely embodied that persona as the capable leader of the Spartan nation and commander-in-chief of the Spartan warriors.
  2. His character inspired guys worldwide to hit the gym for their 6-pack abs. There are even several videos on the web on how to get abs like Leonidas and his army! haha.
  3. Plus, what other movie of Butler’s has as many repeated quotes and phrases? (“This is Sparta!” “Tonight we dine in Hell!” “Give them nothing, but take from them everything!” and “Prepare for glory!”) Quote ONE line from the film Dracula 2000? I thought not! haha.
  4. Recipient of 9 awards and 27 nominations.
  5. Every guy loves a movie loaded with awesome fight scenes! Blood, war, glory!!

Gerard Butler, if you’re reading this, thank you for some great movies….especially 300! (We forgive you for Bounty Hunter and The Ugly Truth, but, from one guy to another, please stop with the rom-coms already.) I hope you have a great birthday! Here’s to you, sir!




GB Voted Hollywood Spy's Best British Gent

Dezmond runs a periodical poll on his massively entertaining and popular blog Hollywood Spy. Back in September, he ran THE BEST BRITISH GENT poll that garnered 2,650 votes! Well, Butler won in a landslide with 1389 votes, which like Dezmond said, is kinda expected.

Dezmond gave me permission to include his quote from his post:

Why do we love him so much – he’s charming, funny, talented, a great guy, often very royal (ATILLA, 300, BEOWULF), sometimes charmingly naughty (THE UGLY TRUTH, THE BOUNTY HUNTER), often dangerous (LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, GAMER, THE REIGN OF FIRE) but usually just smashing dashing (PHANTOM OF THE OPERA). It’s our Gerry Berry 🙂



Check out Sam’s fabulous birthday tribute to Gerry, and she too fell for his funny and charming persona. Her fave GB role is Timeline and if you’ve seen the sci-fi, time-travel-themed movie, you’ll know why he should’ve been the lead instead of pretty boy Paul Walker. Check out the trailer below based on Michael Crichton’s novel:


Thanks everyone for participating in today’s GB tribute!

A Birthday Tribute: Top Five Fave Gerry Butler Scenes

Gerard James Butler – or simply Gerry to his fans – turns 41 today!
It’s been nearly five years since I first fell for the Scot, perhaps the longest I’ve ever had a crush on any actor. I’ve written my ‘origins’ story of how he first captured me in my first B’day tribute to him, it’s a role that still bewitches me every time I watch it. He’s also the only actor I love whom I have actually met (at TIFF 2005), an experience I shall never forget and wish I could relive it again one day (I promise I will ask first before I shake your hands, Gerry! ;))

Ever since I started this blog back in June 2009, Butler is the first actor I blog about with my review of Dear Frankie (which I originally wrote for Friendster, boy have I dated myself or what?), as well as post this riveting short film called Please! he did back in 1999 (he’s shown his dramatic range even then, and boy do I love that super thick Scottish accent!). Since then I’ve constantly featured him on FC: I’ve given you various GB news and commentaries, why he’s my pick for People’s sexiest man alive, and my open letter pleading that he’d ditch sub-par scripts (and vapid rom-coms) but keep doing the genre-jumping that he’s been known to do.

I’ve also posted my top five Gerry Butler roles … which interestingly enough hasn’t changed since a year ago. This versatile actor sure likes to genre-jump, portraying contrasting characters one after another (playing an American pastor vs. a Roman general in next year’s Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus). I sure hope he’d never stop mixing things up!

The Many Faces of Gerard Butler

Well, I think I’ve said enough about this fine actor, and why write it if you can show it, right? So with that said, I present to you five favorite clips from five of my favorite Gerry Butler movies:

Phantom (Phantom of the Opera) – The sultry Point of No Return scene

Johnny Donne  (BBC miniseries The Jury) – Johnny heartbroken over Rose’s confession

King Leonidas (300) –  A King’s last words… “My Queen, My Wife, My Love..”

The Stranger (Dear Frankie) – The beguiling and irresistible doorway kiss

Gerry (P.S. I Love You) – The gregarious and lively karaoke scene

May the years continue to be good to you. Happy Birthday, Gerry!


This is PART 1 of the GB Birthday post, view PART 2: GB Tribute from FlixChatter’s Friends.

Groovers & Mobsters Present: JAMES BOND – The Living Daylights

Groovers & Mobsters event is upon as again and this time it’s all about the world’s most famous super spy.  Just a bit of background, this monthly event was started by Heather from Movie Mobsters and Andy from Fandango Groovers where various bloggers join them in exploring a select genre in the only way we know how, talking about our favourite movies. This is the first time I join on the fun, and my pick for the Bond genre (yes I think it’s the only franchise that can double as a genre) is:


Stuff my orders! I only kill professionals. That girl didn’t know one end of a rifle from the other. Go ahead. Tell M what you want. If he fires me, I’ll thank him for it.

Timothy Dalton made his 007 debut in the 15th Bond film, introduced in one of the most memorable Bond opening sequence of training exercise in the Rock of Gibraltar. Set in the post cold war era, Bond starts his mission by assisting the defection of Russian KGB General Koskov (Jeroen Krabbé) who revealed there’s a Soviet plot to kill British spies. Upon the general’s recapture from his hideout, Bond is assigned to kill Koskov’s boss, Pushkin (John Rhys-Davies) which leads to a conspiracy involving an American arms dealer (Joe Don Baker).

Though I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond, I love Dalton’s darker and tougher take of the superspy, which was a refreshing change from Moore’s campy and droll portrayal. This is the reluctant agent who ‘trust instincts, not orders’ and he doesn’t always enjoy the assignment he was given. As widely reported, Dalton is a big fan of Ian Fleming’s novels, thus his insistence on remaining true to the author’s vision of the literary character.

I realize TLD isn’t the best Bond movie, what with a weak villain and the least intriguing Bond girl ever. But Dalton more than makes up for it with his sophisticated approach combined with the right amount of danger. This is a guy with a license to kill and he’s got no qualms to use it. But yet he’s not heartless. The scene right after his MI-6 contact Saunders was killed showed Bond displaying a genuine emotion of real grief and seething rage, as he crushed that “Smiert Spionem” balloon with his bare hand. John Rhys-Davies also turns in a compelling and memorable performance as Pushkin, also a nice change from the stodgy General Gogol in the previous installments.

The action sequences are what you’d expect in a Bond movie, and it’s nice to see an actor who look believably bad-ass as Dalton did a lot of his own stunts, including the vigorous stunts in the opening scene as well as the awesome mid-air battle on a cargo airplane. It was fun and exhilarating, and yet not devoid of humor. When his girl Kara asked him what happened, Bond answered matter-of-factly, ‘he got the boot.’ That’s not the only comical one-liners in the movie, though I’m glad the writers didn’t pile them on as they did in Moore’s versions.

All in all, it’s a really underrated film that deserved a second look, especially if you appreciate Casino Royale. As I said here, both Daniel Craig and Dalton epitomized that merciless grit and ruthlessness like no other Bond before them. Clearly, Dalton was way ahead of its time.


Head over to MovieMobsters blog to read the rest of the Bond event.