Everybody’s Chattin’: 5 Blog Links to Start Off Your Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! It’s an especially sweet Friday for me as I’m taking the day off today and get to have brunch with hubby instead of going to work! 🙂 Tonight I’m also hosting my monthly Girls’ Movie Nite with my girlfriends, we’ll be watching a Merchant-Ivory production A Room With a View starring Helena Bonham Carter and Julian Sands. None of the new releases appeal to me this week so I might skip the cinema again and watch Watchmen on Blu-ray that my pal Vince kindly lent me.

Well, enough with my weekend plans. Time to highlight some great posts I think you ought to check out:

  • Sam @ Banana Oil movies has started her Shakespeare in Movies posts this month and this week she reviewed Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing. I missed this in my Best Ensemble Cast list but this one definitely deserved to be included!
  • My go-to movie blog Anomalous Material turns one in November! Woot, woot! Do congratulate both Castor and Red for maintaining the blog where everyone shows up to mingle! Make sure to check out some of the highlights of their tremendous first year!
  • Katie from Stories That Really Mattered reviewed two movies I’ve always wanted to see that I haven’t gotten around to: Harry Brown and The Pianist.
  • Andrew at THEfilmBLOG was one of those lucky fellas who got to attend TRON Night, a special 20-minute preview of Disney’s TRON last night in Belfast. Read what he’s got to say about the experience and what we could expect from one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.
  • The ScarletSp1der lists 20 movies he can’t wait for in 2011, and that’s just between January and July! Boy, too many flicks too little time. I’ll probably post my own list sometime closer to year’s end.

Well, before you click away to these wonderful blogs, do share your weekend movie-viewing plans or if you’re going to a Halloween party… what costume will you be wearing? 😀

16 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’: 5 Blog Links to Start Off Your Weekend

    1. Well, suffice to say I didn’t love it… I’ll touch upon it on my weekend roundup post on Monday. Curious what you think of it, Sam… care to share?

      1. Nah. Most movies i see are either rentals from Blockbuster my dad gets or from his netflix que. I don’t have money to go to the movie theater as often as i would like to unfortunately. Although, i still wouldn’t rush out to see Saw. I liked the first 3, but i felt it should the third movie should have ended the series

        I saw The Nightmare on Elm Street remake. It was ok, but wasn’t all that scary IMO. Although Thomas was enjoyable as always.

        I also saw a asian film called Retribution. It was a interesting movie, but i wouldn’t consider it a horror film even th0ugh netflix listed it as one.

        And did you get my email?

        1. I hear ya… it’s ridiculously expensive these days to go to the movies. I’m being selective in what to watch, and most of the time I don’t mind waiting until it’s available on Netflix. Oh right, Thomas Dekker is on Elm Street, the posters look terrifying.

          I’ve never heard of Retribution but then again I’m not well-versed on Asian cinema.

          I replied to your comment about Acker… I can see why you like her 😉

          1. =D I actually found a screen test of AMy, but i didn’t feel it was a great example of her acting. I was hoping to find more clips of her as Illyria, as i feel that role shows off her acting more. But here’s a link since the clip i posted was rather short. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcoy8b79Jic&p=6D73F9A71D558E07&playnext=1&index=18

            And unfortunately the other 2 movies Thomas have done recently haven’t found a distributor. Both do seem like odd movies, but i would like to give them a chance. I mean Thomas was able to flex his acting muscles a bit, but i would like to see him in something better.

            And retribution is just a random asian movie my dad found.

            Oh, did you see the guilty pleasure post on my blog? If you didn’t feel like commenting on it thats fine, i just don’t know if you saw it

  1. Ruth!! thank you very much for the honorable mention/link in your blog! I was reading your article and surprisingly saw it there. Very appreciated. I can’t wait for your list.

    @BananaOil..I can’t wait to check out your review of Branagh’s Much Ado about Nothing. I absolutely love Branagh’s work…his version of Hamlet is my complete favorite.

    Ruth, speaking of Hamlet, Rufus Sewell is in Branagh’s Hamlet. As I was watching it the other day, I thought I should do a post about his acting……and then yours posted! LOL. Nice work!

    Thanks again for the add!

    1. Oh, and I just saw Catfish (nothing else interesting released in my area this weekend…Saw3D and Monsters). I was greatly disappointed in the very hyped documentary-type film. greatly disappointed.

      1. My pleasure, T! Won’t be the first time surely 😉 Hey, are you going to review Catfish? I’m curious to read it but most likely it’ll be a rental for me.

        Ohhh I had no idea Rufus was in Branagh’s Hamlet… Prairiegirl might’ve mentioned it but I probably forgot. I better put that on my queue!

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