Random Question: What movie(s) have been filmed in your area?

Jason Reitman & Diablo Cody

I just learned yesterday, thanks to Dez @ HollywoodSpy about Charlize Theron and Patrick Wilson starring in Diablo Cody’s new movie Young Adult. The Minnesota-native, Oscar-winning writer is collaborating again with Juno‘s director Jason Reitman (who did the acclaimed Up in the Air last year). According to this anonymous tip on Dezmond’s blog, they’re actually filming the movie right here in downtown Minneapolis! This site that tracks filming locations across the country listed filming dates are Tuesday 10/5 until 10/9. The movie focuses on a divorced, thirty-something young-adult fiction writer (Theron) who returns to her hometown in Minnesota to chase an ex-boyfriend (Wilson).

Well, I’m actually heading to downtown later this evening, but I doubt I’ll run into anything. I’ve never had the privilege of actually seen a movie being filmed up close, the closest thing my hubby and I ever got to a filming location was when we were vacationing in Chicago back in 2007. We were right in the middle of a river boat sightseeing tour when suddenly they stopped the boat because parts of the river and streets were closed down for filming. A few choppers circled the area, some were flying quite low which were pretty cool. It turns out The Dark Knight were filming that very day!!

The Dark Knight filming in Chicago – 2007 (Photos courtesy of Pixelcrave.net)

One of my Chicago friends’ husband happened to work at Hotel 71 at the time and he had told us that the crew transformed their grand ballroom on the top floor to be Bruce Wayne’s penthouse. Unfortunately security was extremely tight that he didn’t get even a glimpse of Chris Nolan nor Christian Bale. The 39th floor of that building does have amazingly dramatic view of the city as the whole place were framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Looks like one of the TDK posters was also shot in that ballroom.

Well, have you ever been lucky enough to be in close proximity of a film set? Or maybe you were an extra or know someone who works in a particular movie? Do share your stories!