Everybody’s Chattin’: 5 blog links for your enjoyment

Happy Friday, all! Two buzz-worthy movies open today: The Town and Never Let Me Go. I’m more curious to see the latter, but I don’t see any theaters playing it in my neck of the woods 😦 I don’t think I’ll get to see The Town as we have quite a few things going on, but the plan for tonight is to watch V for Vendetta on dvd for the second time around. No particular reason, we’ve been wanting to see it again and it happens to arrive from Netflix this week.

Well anyways, here are some stuff worth checking out:

  • The über movie blogger Castor at Anomalous Material list 25 Fall movies to watch for. He tells us which ones he’s excited for, as well as grade their ‘chance of sucking’ factor 😀 I didn’t realize he’s THAT excited about Buried, makes me claustrophobic just seeing the photo!
  • It’s been a week of trailers, but I miss this one as I’ve never even heard of the movie There Be Dragons. But lucky for us Dez has it up on his blog. He said it’s about a thrilling tale from the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and it’s got what he calls super hot cast (I agree), including Rodrigo Santoro and Dougray Scott. Check out the trailer on Hollywood Spy! While you’re at it, find out which actor won his Best British Gentlemen poll. Clearly HS readers have great taste 😉
  • Ronan @ Filmplicity is offering his in-depth analysis on the topic of CENSORSHIP in two parts: here and here. It’s a hot button issue no doubt, so do read on and let him know anything that you think might be relevant to the issue of moral responsibility in Hollywood.
  • I posted the trailer for Cairo Time not too long ago and really liking it, and now Andrew from Encore Entertainment has written his beautifully-written review on it. I love that word, sanguine… I need to use that more often.
  • Steve at The Film Cynics gives his rundown of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly‘ of his week so far. Find out which movie he thought was so awful he had to turn it off halfway through. I sort of already knew that just by looking at the trailer.

Oh, and did you read about this yet? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about Joaquin Phoenix’ Letterman appearance and that whole “I’m quitting acting to be a bearded rap star” fiasco. Well, Casey Affleck finally admitted the documentary I’m Still Here is completely false! I kind of had a hunch the whole thing was just a prank somehow, done in a massive scale but still it was all just a ‘performance.’ And as IFC news says, it’s a darn good one! I’m still not sure if I want to see it yet, it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea at all.

Well that’s all folks. What movie(s) are you planning to see this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’: 5 blog links for your enjoyment

  1. Hi Ruth, thank you for the link, I really appreciate it. Interested to see how people will respond to the issue, I think it’s an important one. I was pleased to see ‘There be Dragons’ on your news list. This is a film that is close to my heart. I’ve just seen the trailer and it looks good, can’t wait to see the film.

    1. My pleasure Ronan! I actually had planned on putting your post about what to see/review, but when I saw this on your site this morning I swap the link 🙂 It’s a thought-provoking post and one that should be addressed, so kudos to you for taking that on. I hope people do read and comment on it, I’ve just done that moments ago.

      Oh you’ve been anticipating There Be Dragons? That does look so cool and for once they don’t paint a person of faith as the ‘villain’ or someone to be ridiculed.

  2. Thanks for the linky, Flixy 🙂
    And have you seen how I’ve been hijacked by Thandie Newton’s fans over in current poll??? I mean I love the girl, but I don’t know how happy will people be about her winning over Winslet and Mirren. Wish you could organize your Butler fans to change the score :)))))) and set things right 🙂

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