THIS JUST IN: The Tourist trailer

Fresh from the oven! As ET has revealed a few days ago, The Tourist trailer is finally here. It wasn’t available on YouTube earlier, but it is now, so see it below:

This movie is one of my highly-anticipated movies this year, and I’ve blogged extensively a few months ago here.

The plot revolves around Frank Taylor (Johnny Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart. Cara Mason (Angelina Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path and throws him into a whirlwind of intrigue and danger.

As you can clearly see from the trailer, it’s more of a spy thriller/comedy. My pal Vince just watched it minutes after I did and his first reaction was how similar it is to Cary Grant’s North by Northwest. In fact, he said that Depp’s character’s mannerism and behavior almost mimic Grant’s character. Maybe that’s the intention?? It’s possible that the director (The Lives of Others), purposely wants this movie to have the same vibe, who knows. As for Jolie, well, she’s playing the same character she’s known for, nothing new there. She’s almost the same as her character in Wanted (or Lara Croft), just with more dainty clothes.

The trailer looks fine I guess, it’s got the potential to be fun and action-packed, and the two leads have a decent chemistry (I guess it’s not hard with Jolie ;)). BUT, I’m disappointed. WHERE IS Rufus Sewell and Timothy Dalton??? We see Steven Berkoff & Paul Bettany here and there, but Sewell and Dalton are really the major factor why I’m excited for this movie, and they’re NOWHERE to be found in the trailer. Trust me, I’ve even watched VERY closely and even paused the video a few times to make sure I didn’t miss it. But still, no sight of either of them 😦

Vince and I theorized that Dalton could be the head honcho of the mobster who’s after Jolie’s character, and Sewell is one of the killers sent to go after her?? I really don’t care what they’re playing at this point, I just want to see them, period! Oh well, my excitement for this movie just went down a few notches. Hopefully the next trailer they’d show those two and maybe then, this movie will be back in my good graces 😉

Well, what do you all think? Will you be seeing this movie come December 10?

36 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: The Tourist trailer

  1. PrairieGirl

    Bummer! Noticed right away Sewell and Dalton weren’t in the trailer. Looks like something I’d like to see even if they weren’t in it especially if it’s along the lines of North by Northwest. Now I am starting to fear their parts may be too small. I’m with you, very much hoping to seem them in the next trailer.

    1. Isn’t it? I was so looking forward to this trailer… but like you said, I’m worried that their roles might be one of those blink-and-you-miss-it kind… which is such a waste of their talent!!

        1. PrairieGirl

          Hi Castor, noticed RS “name” in the film on IMDb from the start, you’re right, not a very big role, but a girl can hope, right? And RS himself was known to say it was a small role. But hey, any screen time for him is to my delight!

              1. I think you’re misinterpreting my comment Fitz. I’m not dissing Dalton at all… au contraire, I LOVE the guy. I was implying that it’s a bummer there is no character description next to Dalton’s name on The Tourist’s IMDb page. And yes, he was great in Hot Fuzz… as in everything else 😀

      1. I wouldn’t mind seeing them together. While they are both rather mainstream, i can always expect a good performance from both.

        As a whole, the movie seems like it might be good, but i’m not sold on it yet

    1. I haven’t seen N by NW but I take your word for it that this one isn’t in the same league. Again, my interest in this pretty much depends on Rufus & Timothy’s involvement… especially the latter, so I’m just hoping that the reason they’re not in the trailer is that they’re not done filming their parts yet… and we’ll see them in the second trailer. Fingers crossed!

      1. Yeah, I agree w/whoever suggested that they were the villains, which would be why you haven’t gotten a look at them yet. Also, though, let’s face it … those are not the names of this project. 🙂 It might be a better movie if they were!

  2. Corinne

    Of course I’m going to see it! Hey, maybe I can go and see it with this cool chick I work with named Ruth who writes this great blog about movies. Oh and maybe PrairieGirl would want to join in since it sounds like she’s interested. I can’t wait for December! What am I saying, I live in Minnesota!

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hi Corinne, why don’t you come see it with Ruth and I cuz we already have December 10 on our calendars (can’t tell we’re anxious about this one, huh?!) But yes, besides for this movie, December can wait!

    2. Well lucky you, Johnny is in practically every frame it looks like. While Becky & I would have to squint to be able to see our guys 😦

      In any case, it’d be fun for 3 of us to go together to see this! Better put it on your calendar, girls.

  3. The movie looks ok to me. Looks like it may be good popcorn entertainment, but i don’t see it rising above it.

    Am i the only one who doesn’t understand the Sewell and Dalton obsession? I mean, i just don’t get why the amount of screentime they get is so important. I don’t know about anyone else, but shouldn’t the quality of the movie be the most important factor? Its no good having great actors/actress’s if the material isn’t good.

    Maybe if a similar situation happens with Deborah Ann Woll, i will better understand it, but it just seems strange to me

    Not trying to insult any Sewell and/or Dalton fans here, just being honest

    1. PrairieGirl

      Maybe you need to see more Sewell and Dalton films to know what great actors they both are. They are as good, if not better than Jolie and Depp, so both deserve more exposure than it appears from the trailer. And then again, to each their own…

    2. Yes you are the only one, Julian 😀 I think you’ve read my blog long enough to know I LOVE both of those actors. And come on, EVERYBODY has their favorites, who they’d rather see in a movie. Of course the quality of the movie matters, but sometimes, we go to see a certain movie BECAUSE of the actors. The producers and casting directors know this, that’s why they cast who they cast. It’s just Prairiegirl & I happen to be more of a fan of Sewell and Dalton than the lead actors … and as BananaOil puts it so eloquently, “it might be a better movie if they were!”

      1. I suppose you have a point with the favorites thing. Its just everything i’ve seen ANgelina and Depp in they’ve given a good performance, so them being in the movie didn’t really bother me. I guess i just haven’t had a situation like that with any of my favs.

        I was actually afraid to post that(I was afraid i was going to get mauled to death by fans) but i just wanted to be honest.

        1. Well I actually don’t mind Jolie and Depp, and I understand how bankable they are that they’d put butts on seats, y’know. It’s just I tend to like the underdog actors and I often find myself so disappointed they don’t get a bigger role 😦 Oh well, you can’t control who you like I suppose… it’s not like I can switch my affinity to only those who are super famous.

          He…he.. no worries, you’re entitled to your opinion, if you’re honest then I’ll just be honest back 😀

  4. Ted S.

    I love The Lives of Others so I’m looking forward to see this movie, even though it kind of looks like a sequel to Mr. & Mrs. Smith and that’s fine, I enjoyed that film too.

    The director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck is a great talent, if you haven’t seen The Lives of Others, do check it out. I think the Bond producers should’ve picked him to do the next Bond flick instead Sam Mendes.

    1. I’ll check that out Ted, thanks for the tip. With a name like that, he better be good, eh? 😀 If he’s as good as you say, maybe this might turn out to be a decent flick after all.

  5. Mike B.

    If the GF say’th that we go, then so shall we! Actually, should be fun watching to superstars like that interact. Both are easy on the eyes that’s for sure …

  6. Yeah Ruth, after all this time waiting for this to drop, the abundant lack of TD was not only surprising but disappointing as well.

    That’s the reason I didn’t put it on G-S-T today…the world needs more TD, and if Ruth ain’t happy, then no one’s happy:P

    Also Depp, in sort of a stripped down Jack Sparrow (also very nearly pulling off Rowan Atkinson) is further aiding in making this look less intriguing…Marc is sad:(

    1. We’ll be each other’s shoulder to cry on Marc, I’m sad too 😦 I put this in here so I can lament about the lack of TD in the trailer… I am hopeful they’ll make up for it in the next trailer.

      I don’t even pay that much attention to either Depp nor Jolie as I was too busy looking for Timothy and Rufus! But yeah, Jack Sparrow playing Mr. Bean sounds right.

      Julian – I think Depp is still a bit over the top here, but considering his previous roles, I guess you could say this role is more ‘normal.’

      1. Yeah, only Johnny doesn’t do normal. Well, not since the old 21 Jumpstreet and Nightmare on Elm Street days anyway. Gosh that was like eons ago wasn’t it?

        As far as channeling people, have you seen the trailer for the animated film Rango? There he seems to be doing a spot on recreation of Kermit the Frog:P I actually really want to see that though.

        1. He..he.. yeah, ‘normal’ Johnny is still quirky, but that’s fine I guess.

          I posted that trailer I love it so much! I like the part when the rock told him to ‘Try not to look conspicuous!’ and he raises his hand up to imitate the cactus. Hilarious! Yeah, I’m looking forward to that one, too, Marc!

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