Timothy Dalton Joins Chuck! – The start of Dalton’s return to Hollywood?

Just a few days ago I read news that got me jumping up and down and giddy like a school girl. My fave British thespian Timothy Dalton joins CHUCK!!! NBC announced that the 64 year-old Englishman will guest-star in several episodes in the fourth season of the spy comedy show that premieres in September 26th.

As Zap2it blog says, Dalton will be playing a “mysterious stranger” who has ties to Chuck’s mom, who’s being played by Linda Hamilton. James Bond and Sarah Connor hanging out? The geek mind reels. Wow, with these kind of guests, they’re bound to eclipse the actual stars of the show!

Chuck... meet James Bond.

This is Dalton’s first appearance on an American network TV series since way back in 1979, when he had a stint on Charlie’s Angels, and he was an absolute hunk as Farrah Fawcett’s millionaire playboy boyfriend. He was also in one of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt episodes in 1992 as none other than a seductive werewolf!

I actually got into Chuck for one season, it’s an entertaining, funny and charming show, largely because Zachary Levi is so darn likable in his bumbling geeky-ness. My hubby also enjoys the show for miss Yvonne Strahovski 😉  The episode I saw had Brandon Routh guest-starring, which probably what got me watching the show in the first place. Though I must admit, having Routh there was a bit of a hunk-overload as he, Chuck and Captain Awesome’s Ryan McPartlin are all tall and freakishly good looking. Well now, NBC has scored yet another awesome guest star that will definitely get me tuned in once again. Btw, it seems inevitable that James Bond will make an appearance on that show, it’s obvious the creators are fond of that franchise. I mean, just look at the poster!

Now, the title of this post might be more of my wishful thinking, but it seems that for a long while he had been absent in both movies and tv world, until sometime last year when he guest starred in the massively popular BBC show Doctor Who. And then he was part of the billion-dollar blockbuster Toy Story 3, though he was grossly underused, followed by news that he’ll have a part in The Tourist (it’s killing me that I still don’t know what role he’ll play, and less than four months away we still haven’t got so much as a trailer!) In any case, that’s four pretty high-profile projects — albeit in small doses — in one year! I sure hope that this is just the beginning of Dalton’s return to Hollywood. Would somebody please give him his own TV show already?? Or better yet, a lead role in a solid movie in the vein of Michael Caine’s Harry Brown or on the drama side, Brian Cox’s The Good Heart. He’d have been great in Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus as well. People only know him as Bond, but he’s a character actor who can pretty much do drama, comedy, thriller, you name it (man, I should apply to be his agent!) and will add gravitas (not to mention eye candy) to any project. Ok, I’m not going to say much more about this man’s talent, I’ve already covered that in great length in this post.

Well, do any of you watch Chuck? And if you could see any of your favorite actor in any TV show this Fall, who and what would it be?

11 thoughts on “Timothy Dalton Joins Chuck! – The start of Dalton’s return to Hollywood?

  1. PrairieGirl

    Don’t watch Chuck much, but for sure I’ll be tuned in for the Dalton episodes. And if only Eleventh Hour with Rufus Sewell would return… no chance at all of that, however, since RS has stated emphatically he won’t do any thing requiring a long term commitment in one place, such as another TV series. Alas, at least I have the complete series on DVD now…

    1. You have to tune in, Becky, or just watch the episodes he’ll be on. I do hope he does more movies though, he’s got to make up for lost time! 🙂

      Same with Rufus, as great as it is seeing him weekly on tv, I’d rather see him in movies… especially in lead roles!

  2. I plan to watch Chuck once the show is out on dvd. I kind of wish i got into it earlier, but i never found the time to catch up on it once i started hearing good buzz about it. But i will probably see it eventually.

    A for actors i want to see on tv…hmmmmm, well, I wouldn’t mind Amy Acker making a appearance in True Blood, or maybe SUpernatural. As far as i’m concerned, she can play anything

    I also think Thomas Decker needs to get a major role again, or possibly a role in something popular like True Blood. His talents are far too underused in my opinion.

    Thats all i can think of for now

    1. I actually like watching shows on dvd so I can watch several episodes at once without commercial interruptions. I did that with Battlestar Galactica. Chuck is a fun show, hope you get to watch ’em one day.

      Sorry you probably already told me this before, but did you like Amy from Dollhouse? I just googled to see what she looks like.

      Dekker seems to be getting his foray into movies now, which I think it what he prefers to do. I only saw him in Sarah Connor but he was pretty good. I also like Lena Heady a lot, but I don’t see her in as many Hollywood movies as I would like.

      1. I’m actually catching up on BattleStar Galactica now. And if a show catches my eye before airing, then i will set it on record. Its just CHuck didn’t interest me at first, and by the time the buzz came around i didn’t have time to catch up on it.

        And yeah, I did like AMy in Dollhouse(if i remember correctly she played 3 characters during the course of the entire show). WHile i admit Dollhouse had problems, AMy’s acting definitely wasn’t one of them. Although i do think she is a bit too skinny, but that’s a minor complaint.

        And after looking at THomoa’s imdb profile i saw he is getting into movies more.

        And Lena played Sarah, right?

        1. Oh cool! I LOVE that show, especially the Adamas, Bill and Lee. There are so many fascinating characters on that show I kind of miss watching it. I might catch Caprica later on but I don’t think it’d be as good as BSG.

          Well even is the show is kaput, if she’s good she’ll find other work. Being skinny is not something Hollywood frowned upon so she’ll do fine 🙂

          Yep, Lena played the title role. She was great as the queen in 300, too.

          1. I watched Caprica before i started watching galactica…with is probably the wrong order, but oh well.

            I see 2 movies coming in in Amy’s imdb profile, so i guess her film career is finally starting to take off. I hope it works out.

            And i just saw The Ghost Writer. I know in one of your earlier entries you said you didn’t like it, but i found it enjoyable

    1. That’s exactly what I want to know Dan. But I think he’s just preparing himself for a solid thriller such as the one I have in mind for the Hollywood Fantasy Draft 😉

  3. Darren

    Actually, I think Dalton’s been in an upward swing for the past year or so. He was in Hot Fuzz where he demonstrated a frankly amazing skill for comedy (one you may well have doubted given The Beautician and the Beast), picked up a supporting role in Toy Story 3 as Mister Pricklepants, popped up as the villain in the Christmas/New Years specials of Doctor Who (which is a big deal over this side of the world).

    Which is great, because he’s a hugely talented actor and – to be honest – he gave Bond a “Daniel Craig-esque” edge a long time before it was popular. I think his time in the role was way ahead of its time.

    1. Hi Darren, yeah I guess, but not as much as I would want. I mean he’s only in Toy Story 3 for less than 3 minutes!! Say, do you know where I can view that Christmas Doctor Who special? I knew about that but I don’t have cable here.

      Thank you for acknowledging Dalton being the originator of what you call “Daniel Craig-esque” Bond. He is way ahead of its time for sure, that’s what I said in my post dedicated to Dalton.

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