Conspicuous Trailers of the Week: The Romantics, Heartbreaker, Cairo Time

I realize I haven’t had a trailer post in the entire month of August so I’m playing catch up! Well, I like having some sort of a theme and these three trailers are all about romanza … yet each tells a very different love story and of course, not all trailers are created equal.


Over the course of one raucous night at a seaside wedding seven close friends, all members of a tight, eclectic college clique, reconvene to watch two of their own tie the knot. Laura (Katie Holmes) is maid of honor to Lila (Anna Paquin), her golden girl best friend. The two have long rivaled over the groom, Tom (Josh Duhamel). Friendships and alliances are tested and the love triangle comes to a head the night before the wedding, when the drunken friends frolic in the nearby surf and return to shore… without the groom. Based on the heralded novel by producer, novelist, director Galt Niederhoffer, THE ROMANTICS is a Zeitgeist love story and generational comedy that breathes new life into the genre and recaptures the camaraderie of youth.

The cast leave much to be desired for me (well ok, so Elijah Wood isn’t too bad), but despite that tall, hunky-ness going for him, Josh Duhamel doesn’t have much to offer as an actor. But that’s just my opinion, no offense if you think he’s fantastic in er, Win a Date with Thad Hamilton or even Transformers 🙂 Katie Holmes is better than say, Jennifer Aniston, ’cause at least she tries to do something different from time to time (i.e. Thank You for Smoking), but for some reason I just haven’t warmed up to her, yet. The premise does seem interesting though, but the faux-indie vibe of this trailer seems rather forced. I still might check it out on dvd though.



Charming, funny and effortlessly cool, Alex (Duris) is a professional heartbreaker who for a fee can turn any husband, fiance or boyfriend into an ex. Alex has one ironclad rule: He only breaks up couples where the woman is unhappy. His latest job will put that rule to the test. The target is Juliette, a beautiful heiress who is set to marry the man of her dreams. With ten days until the wedding, Alex has been hired by her father to carry out his most daring seduction yet that risks him being caught by his ruthless personal creditors, angry exes, and the beautiful and independent Juliette herself. But worst of all, will he discover to his own cost that when it comes to love, the perfect plan doesn’t exist?

If this had been a Hollywood rom-com, I might not even bother with it. But the fact that it’s in French and set in the city of love is just magnifique! The premise is a formulaic one and obviously predictable, but yet, the delivery is so charming that this is a chick-flick I could get behind. I haven’t seen anything French actor Romain Duris is in yet, but I’ve always wanted to see The Beat That My Heart Skipped and it’s on my Netflix queue now. I think the fact that he’s not the quintessential pretty boy makes it all the more effective, sub him with some perfect-looking Hollywood stud-muffin (I’m looking at you McConaughey!) and it’ll just be awful! Vanessa Paradis (a.k.a Mrs. Johnny Depp) has quite a gift for comedy as well, she’s obviously beautiful but has an earthy glamor about her. Love the Dirty Dancing reference and that George Michael song, again, the delivery doesn’t make ’em look contrived at all. I might suggest this one for our monthly gals movie night when the dvd comes out.



Oscar®-nominee Patricia Clarkson stars as a beautiful American abroad in Egypt, who finds herself enamored by more than the sunswept vistas of Cairo. Juliette (Clarkson), a fashion magazine editor in her 40s, travels to Cairo to meet her husband for a three week vacation. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his trusted friend Tareq (Alexander Siddig) to keep her company. As he guides her through the sights, sounds and unique customs of the exotic city, unexpected feelings emerge leading to an awakening of emotion that takes Juliette by surprise.

The first time I saw this poster a few weeks ago, I was smitten! Everything about it just spells lovely, exotic, enchanting… well, the good news is, so is the trailer. Patricia Clarkson is one of those indie darlings who should have more leading roles. She looks radiant in this movie, and her chemistry with the dapper Egyptian man (played by Sudanese-English actor Alexander Siddig) feels real and sweet, and thankfully schmaltzy-free. The movie won Best Canadian Feature Film at Toronto International Film Festival last year. Directed by writer/director/producer Ruba Nadda, it’s said to be her love letter to the city and a sweeping romantic travelogue with the West-meets-East theme of unrequited love. I’m prepared to be swept away indeed!


Well folks, any of these trailer piqued your interest at all?

11 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailers of the Week: The Romantics, Heartbreaker, Cairo Time

  1. Julian

    While i liked Malin Ackermans performance in Watchmen, i’m not sure abut that movie. I’m not sure Katie has what it takes to play a lead character(there is still one movie with Jennifer ANiston in it that actually interests me, the movies she chooses generally don’t interest me), though even with a different cast i’m not sure it would change my reservations about the movie. As for the other 2 trailers, none of them seem all that interesting to me.

    Did you see the trailer for Black Swan? It piqued my interest at the very least.

    Also, remember the actress from true Blood i told you about a while ago(Deborah Ann Woll)? According to her imdb profile, she has seven movies lined up =D

    1. Ah, I think lots of guys like Silk Spectre 😉 Which Aniston movie that interests you? Is it The Good Girl? I thought The Switch looks funny but it’s more of a Jason Bateman movie than Aniston’s.

      I did see Black Swan, yeah it’s definitely intriguing, though I’m not exactly an Aronofsky’s fan, his stuff might be too bizarre for my taste.

      Oh, I think I just saw Deborah in one of the fashion magazines I bought, yeah she’s quite stunning. So your wish did come true, eh? 🙂

      1. Julian

        From what i’ve read, there is universal agreement on her looks but some people felt her acting wasn’t up to par. I didn’t have a problem with her acting tho. And yes, the Good Girl is the one that interests, mostly because it looks like she does actual acting in it. The Switch does look like it has some funny lines, but somehow i don’t think i would be able to sit through the whole movie.

        And yeah the Black Swan does look like its on the bizarre side of things, but i think i can handle it.

        And i suppose my wish did come true(how do post smileys on this?I would have put one here if i knew how). I just hope she picked good roles.

        1. Well I guess her upcoming movie projects will certainly help her prove her critics wrong (if that is indeed the case, I have never seen her act). Sometimes a TV actress who’s confined to the same type of roles (especially supporting ones), don’t have the chance to show what they’re really capable of.

          Yeah well I think I can handle Black Swan too, it’s whether I want to or not.

          Just type in a colon [:] and and end parenthesis [)] to make a smiley face 😀

          1. Julian

            “From what i’ve read, there is universal agreement on her looks but some people felt her acting wasn’t up to par.” I was referring to Malin. I guess that ended up a lot more ambiguous than i thought it was. From my time on the IMDB board for true Blood, Deborah seems to have been pretty well received, and the only way i can see her career going off track is if she takes too many bad roles.

            And i will most likely see Black Swan sometime after it goes on DVD.

            And smiles go like :happy) (Hope that works)

    1. I’ll probably see ’em when they’re on Netflix… Heartbreaker would be a good one for our girls’ movie night. How about if we see Cairo Time together?

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