Everybody’s Chattin’: Five Blog Links Worth Your Time

Happy Friday, everyone! Time to highlight some great posts I think you ought to check out:

  • My buddy Castor over at Anomalous Material has concocted an über fun and addictive game called The Hollywood Fantasy Draft. It’s kinda like Fantasy Football for movie lovers! We get to play movie producers and cast our director and an ensemble of actors. Check out what a bunch of movie bloggers have picked so far, including yours truly. I will reveal my story and concept for my movie sometime next week.
  • Have you ever felt duped by a movie poster? Well, the guys over at Cynicritics examine Five Misleading Movie Posters with a less-than-true representation of what we’re about to see.
  • Andrew from Encore Entertainment is the blogger that got me started on the 31 Days Movie Meme. Well, his Day 19 meme of Best Movie Cast include a period piece I really like, starring two dashing Brits Clive Owen and Jeremy Northam, as well as a slew of great British actresses.
  • Marc from Go-See-Talk has a cool series called the FourScores, as he finds film scores are sometimes more thrilling and memorable than the film itself (totally agree!, Marc :)) This week he examined those from inspirational sports movies that are less about the that championship game/match/season/event, but more about gaining personal pride.
  • Steve of the duo of The Film Cynics Canada’s CFAX 1070 radio personalities recently caught onto the comic books of Scott Pilgrim. So naturally he was looking forward to the movie. Did he enjoy it? Well, you’d have to check out his review for yourself.