31 Days Movie Meme Day #12: Best Soundtrack

I wrote a post around the same time last year called Favorite Movie Music, where I made two different list of my favorite movie soundtrack and scores. Well, I’m going to highlight one from each list that I never grow tired of listening to:

Fave film score: Somewhere in Time
An unabashedly romantic film about love that travels through time starring a young Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The music by composer John Barry truly makes the movie with it’s haunting and melancholic theme, it moves me to my core every time I hear it. They say it the best love story is the unrequited ones, and it doesn’t get any more heart-wrenching-ly tragic than this.

Fave soundtrack: Moulin Rouge
I love the inventive way the songs are used throughout this movie, and the soundtrack truly complement the Bohemian and vibrant sensibilities of the movie. It makes old songs sound and feel new again, and make me prefer them over the original on some songs. Baz Luhrmann let the main actors Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sang their hearts out in this movie, and boy did they deliver! It’s hard to pick which scenes of their duet are my favorite, but this wonderful Elephant Medley is definitely one of them. I fell for McGregor’s brazen charm and gorgeous voice!

Blog Meme: HAPPY 101 Award

Olive from Movie News First kindly tagged me for this meme. I’ve been meme-ing a lot this month, but I’m slacking off on this one (sorry Olive). Well, the idea of this Happy 101 Award is to share the things that bring you joy. Ok, here goes:

1. Great music on Sunday mornings. My church has a great worship band and their upbeat, rousing music and uplifting message definitely makes my soul sings!

2. My husband… I don’t just love him, I like him… and trust me, that’s almost more important in any marriage 🙂

3. Low-humidity Summer days! Nothing kills a perfectly nice sunny days like a sticky, humid air.

4. Movies… duh! How dull would life be without ’em, and surely the blogosphere would be a lonely place without ’em, too.

5. Blogging… double duh! Sure I complain about how much time it takes, but obviously it makes me happy or I won’t be doing this 🙂

Photo courtesy of pixelcrave.net

6. Travel. There’s few joys in life that match the feeling of being in a place you’ve always dreamed to be in, and savoring the moment of everything that’s new and exciting around you.

7. Sleep! I feel sorry for people with insomnia, as nothing beats a good night’s sleep. The moment when lights are off and there’s a nice, soft pillow under my head is heavenly!

8. Indonesian and Thai food! There’s practically zero Indo restaurants where I live sadly, so my indulgences are sumptuous Thai fried rice or pad woon sen (like pad thai but with thin, rice noodles)

9. Starbucks’ iced Chai with skim milk and whip cream on top. [Yes, I’m aware that I’m a girl of contradictions] I’m not a dessert person and I don’t like chocolate, but I don’t think I can get through my week without this sumptuous drink!

10. Hanging out with friends over coffee/tea. One of life’s best joys is sharing about life and loves over your favorite drink.

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