Flix Poster of the Week: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

The swirly yellow font treatment set against stark black caught my attention in the Apple trailer page, but the official poster set in nifty illustration is even more artsy. I love how the monsters’ hands guide draw your eyes down to the terrified-looking girl and down to that script fonts of the title. Very creative, but man is it ever creepy!

Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison), a lonely, withdrawn child, has just arrived in Rhode Island to live with her father Alex (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) at the 19th-century mansion they are restoring. While exploring the sprawling estate, the young girl discovers a hidden basement, undisturbed since the strange disappearance of the mansion’s builder a century ago. When Sally unwittingly lets loose a race of ancient, dark-dwelling creatures who conspire to drag her down into the mysterious house’s bottomless depths, she must convince Alex and Kim that it’s not a fantasy—before the evil lurking in the dark consumes them all.

One of the principal writers of the movie is Guillermo del Toro, the Mexican director who made the violent and also creepy fantasy thriller Pan’s Labyrinth. That’s one movie I won’t be able to ever see again, even if I admire its creativity and style. I don’t think I’ll be able to see this one given my distaste for horror flicks. Besides, my nerves had been stretched to its snapping point just watching the trailer!

Watch it for yourself below… if you dare.

The Flix List: Five noteworthy young actresses (under 30)

A week ago, I posted the five noteworthy young actors (under 30) list, and a loyal reader Julian asked if there is a female counterpart to this post. Why of course! Took me a while to get the write-up for each, but picking them was easy.

  1. Emily Blunt (27)
    Everyone who’ve seen The Devil Wears Prada would vouch that the English starlet stole scenes as the sardonic fashion assistant. Not too long after that I saw her playing a completely different character in The Jane Austen Book Club as Prudie, the young French teacher on the brink of an affair with his student. I adore her in this movie, she just screams sophistication and elegance, but still gives that icy undercurrent that adds to her allure. She was also terrific in The Young Victoria, a role which nabbed her a Golden Globes nomination.

    Her new movie Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon has been pushed back to next March 2011.
  2. Abbie Cornish (27)
    I’ve only seen two of her movies, but that’s enough to see what a gifted performer she is. That’s why I’ve picked her as one of my Top Ten Aussie Actors, and in my review of Bright Star, I mentioned that she really was the brightest thing about the biopic of John Keats. Her portrayal of the lovestruck Fanny Brawne was simply breathtaking that I believe she was robbed of some major nominations that year. Recently I rented A Good Year, and Abbie totally could hold her own opposite Russell Crowe. I’d love to see the two work together again in the future.

    Cornish is one of the girl fighters in the Zack Snyder’s fantasy thriller Sucker Punch.
  3. Natalie Portman (29)
    I almost didn’t include her in this list thinking that Natalie is already over 30. I guess the Israeli-born actress is a bit of an old soul. Her feature film debut at the age of 11 in The Professional (or Léon internationally) was a dark, indelible performance. No wonder it got people talking and still referred to as one of her best roles.  She garnered worldwide fame when cast as Queen Amidala in Star Wars, but continue to balance her blockbuster projects with a more personal independent projects. In between two Star Wars films, she nabbed an Oscar nomination playing a stripper in the drama Closer. She was compelling as Evey in the sci-fi thriller V for Vendetta, one of those rare beauty who still looks stunning even with a bald head!

    Portman’s next projects include the comic adaptation Thor and a bizarre project called Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.
  4. Keira Knightley (25)
    A lot of people probably saw Keira for the first time in Star Wars without realizing who she was. She played Queen Amidala’s decoy as obviously she bears a striking resemblance to Portman. According to IMDb trivia, when in makeup, not even the mothers of the actresses could tell them apart! Well, suffice to say she’s come a long way since then. The waif actress has grown to be a remarkable actress and has chosen her roles quite well, varying between tomboy-ish roles (Domino, King Arthur) and romantic leading lady (Atonement, Pride & Prejudice). I initially thought she was far too pretty to play Elizabeth Bennett, but her earthy quality and down-to-earth portrayal made the portrayal quite believable.

    Her new movie Never Let Me Go is out on limited release in mid September.
  5. Ellen Page (23)
    The fresh-faced Canadian is easily one of the most talented young actors of this generation. It doesn’t take an Oscar nomination (for Juno) for people to realize that, though that certainly is well-deserved. She comes across as the brainy girl, though there’s a sinister side of her if you’ve seen even a glimpse of Hard Candy, which will make any pedophile shudder at what a seemingly-wholesome teen is capable of. Christopher Nolan obviously thought highly of her when he cast her in a key role in Inception.

    Next up for Miss Page is the action/comedy Super with Rainn Wilson.

Honorable Mentions (I will add this feature to the actors post as well):

  • Carey Mulligan (Haven’t seen An Education yet, but I hear she’s quite good)
  • Anna Kendrick (Fantastic in Up in the Air, can’t believe she’s the same girl in Twilight!)
  • Scarlett Johansson (Love her in Lost in Translation, but hasn’t impressed me in other stuff lately)
  • Chloe Moretz (Impressive as the wise-beyond-her-years sister of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer
  • Saiorse Ronan (Delivered a brilliant performance as the young Briony in Atonement. A challenging role for anyone at any age, let alone a 13 year-old!)

Ok folks, your turn. Which young actress(s) have impressed you lately?