Happy Birthday Eric Bana!

One of my favorite Aussie actors Eric Bana turns 42 today! I just want to pay a quick tribute to the handsome and talented actor who began his career as a stand-up comedian, he even had his own TV show The Eric Bana Show Live in Australia.

The first time I saw him was in Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I immediately took notice. The film tanked but that was hardly his fault as he made a terrific Bruce Banner with his sympathetic portrayal of the Marvel hero. The following year, 2003, he was cast in the Wolfgang Petersen’s swords & sandals flick Troy as the valiant and righteous Hector. Apparently Brad Pitt recommended him to the producers after he liked Bana’s performance in a crime biopic Chopper, his feature film debut. Thanks Brad, as Bana really was the best thing about the movie for me.

The movie itself was just ok, nowhere near the ‘epic’ quality that was Gladiator, but some scenes stood out to me (mostly when Bana’s on screen really). One of them is this fantastic duel between the two bitter enemies. The ending broke my heart, especially when Achilles dishonored his body 😦 He may have been the legendary Greek warrior, but because of Bana’s affecting performance, I will always root for Prince Hector!

Bana can be seen in the upcoming thriller Hanna, alongside Cate Blanchett and Saiorse Ronan, due out next April.

Everybody’s Chattin’: Five blog links worth checking out

I’ve always wanted to do this for a while, and with Castor’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog current assignment underway, I figure I’ll start it today! Today’s assignment is to write a link post:

By linking to another blog, you are essentially highlighting what another blog has written. By doing so, you are beginning to build a relationship with that blogger, and helping him spread his ideas.

Well, I’ve done that quite often every time I read something related to the subject I’m blogging about, but I’ve decided to make it a weekly thing and include five links from fellow bloggers that I think more people should check out. As for MadHatter from Dark of the Matinee who has kindly let me ‘pilfer’ the name of his Everybody’s Talkin’ series, I thank you 🙂 Anyway, without further ado, I present you:

  • It’s a twofer from Banana Oil Movies, a movie blog everyone should start reading pronto.
    Retrospective: The Dark Knight — She wasn’t blown away by Nolan’s second Batman and wrote a compelling reason why. Agree or disagree? Your choice. But hear the woman out.
  • Top Five Russell Crowe Movies — Who doesn’t love lists? And hers is a good one!
  • Films That Define Us — Marc from Go-See-Talk‘s upcoming Blog-a-Thon. Participate if you haven’t already, or look for the list next Friday, August 13th at 7:00 am (CT).
  • The Greatest from Keanu Reeves – Novroz lists her Top Five Movies from one of her favorite actors.
  • Hatter has some thoughtful tips for theater jumpers out there! — I’ve never done this myself, ethics aside, I’m usually exhausted by the first movie anyway.

31 Days Movie Meme Day #7: Least favorite movie by a favorite actor

You should know by now how I feel for Gerard Butler and the answer without a doubt is: The Ugly Truth

When I sort of reviewed it last November, I said it wasn’t atrocious. Well, I was being overly kind as the more I think about it, the movie really was bad with a capital B. It’s one of those project of ‘only a mother could love,’ which I’m guessing would be painful for even Gerry Butler’s mother to watch! I don’t mind so much that GB  had chipmunk cheeks the entire time or that his eight-pack abs from 300 was gone, as I’ve always thought of him as more than a pretty face and a hard body. But there’s hardly a cringe-free moment watching this movie, mostly the fault of such an inept script and totally uninspired directing. Seriously, after Monster In-Law and THIS, I don’t know how Aussie director Robert Luketic is still getting any work! Don’t even get me started with the Barbie doll that is Katherine Heigl, suffice it to say I won’t watch any more movie of hers if I can help it. This movie should come with a label: For die-hard fans only. As I’m not willing to die for any actor or anything remotely close it, I won’t even recommend this to anyone (well, maybe only those I don’t like so much, ha!). Well, at least the teaser poster was pretty clever, even if it isn’t wholly original.

[Dis]honorable mention: The Bounty Hunter
Another blond co-star, same vapid flick. It’ll remain the movie that sparked my open letter to the Scottish actor.