This Just In: First pics of Gerard Butler as Machine Gun Preacher

I was going to make this week’s posts all about Inception, a tribute for Christopher Nolan and the cast of the movie. But hey, I make an exception for Gerry Butler, especially since I haven’t blogged about the guy in quite a while.

Thanks to HeyUGuys Blog’s tweet, we’ve got the first look of the Scottish actor as the machine gun preacher. I blogged about this last January when Butler was initially cast (there’s a photo of GB with the real preacher). The movie is based on a true story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader hundreds of Sudanese children who’ve been kidnapped and pressed into duty as soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army. It’ll be inspired by Childers’ autobiography, Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan.

Click to enlarge – images courtesy of
Click to enlarge – images courtesy of

According to JustJarred, in this scene, Butler’s character returns home and his daughter is waiting for him with a “Welcome Home Daddy” sign. Well, well, well, I guess this is what happens when Leonidas become a bad ass biker, eh? First the beard, now comes the mullet 🙂 Kidding aside, I’m so glad to see him tackle a serious role of someone whose story is worth telling. As I said in my open letter last March, this is a welcome departure from banal rom-com territory!

Acclaimed director Marc Forster whose work I admire, Kite Runner, Stranger than Fiction, Finding Neverland, is directing the action drama, and filming takes place in Detroit starting last week, and later in South Africa. The cast is a pretty good one, too, Michelle Monaghan as his wife, Michael Shannon his best friend and Kathy Baker as his mother. Vera Farmiga was originally cast as his wife, but had to pull out of the project due to her pregnancy. Aceshowbiz reported that since the role means traveling to Africa this Summer, she’d have been too far along to be able to make it. That’s too bad, I’d have loved to see her opposite Butler, she was fantastic in Up in the Air.

Lionsgate has acquired the rights to distribute this film, and it’s set for release September 11, 2011 (man, that date still gets me after all these years). Can’t wait to see the trailer for this. I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it arrives!

P.S. More pics available @ Zimbio of GB riding a Harley

21 thoughts on “This Just In: First pics of Gerard Butler as Machine Gun Preacher

  1. Um. I know this may make you a bit crazy, but Mr. Butler has been filming literally within five minutes of my house, around the corner from my work, next door to my brother, and now in a city ten minutes south from here for the next few weeks. I told my husband he’s arrest worthy, just like Hugh Jackman. He rolled his eyes in a way that told me I’d be stuck in jail with no bail if I went to the set searching, but well………..again he’s kinda worth being a little crazy for a day.

    You were the first person I thought of when I heard all this!

    1. Oooh you lucky chick you! I don’t know how I can concentrate from work with him just around the corner. YES, even with THAT haircut! 🙂 He..he… that’s what I’d say to my hubby also, arrest-worthy, I like that. Besides, I don’t think they’ll arrest you just for being a bystander… it’s not like you’re gonna stalk him or anything (though I’m sure that crossed your mind, he..he..)

      Well thanks for thinking of me… if you bump into him at Starbucks or something, please give him an extra hug from moi!

      1. the hairstylist should be brought to justice for such a crime!!!

        (I kinda like Cyrus :))) but with the current hair, not the one from the old days when Miley wasn’t even born.

    1. No, but I don’t think he intends to be an ‘eye candy’ in this movie. I’m actually glad he’s doing this type of role. Attractive actors like Charlize Theron did it in Monsters, Chris Bale in Rescue Dawn, Machinist, etc., this is an acting movie where the story is the ‘star.’ Looking forward to what Forsters will bring to this amazing story.

      1. True, true. I, too, am quite ready for more people to get the memo that GB is, in fact, a good actor. 🙂 Perhaps we should start a campaign to get more people to watch The Jury and Dear Frankie…

          1. Amen sista! DF and The Jury are good, but so is Phantom and even Timeline (he’s the best thing in it IMO). Did you ever see this short flick I posted a year ago called ‘Please!’?

            I must’ve missed that article. Is this the one with him on the cover? He’s not a critics fave so far, yet his movies usually do pretty well despite of that.

            1. Yeah, he’s on the cover. They just do this funny thing within the narrative of the article where they point out the movies that no-one’s seen (like Dear Frankie) in which his performance was excellent vs. his movies which did quite well at the box office (300, TUT) but in which his performances were panned…it was amusing.

              We’ll have to agree to disagree on Phantom, but I will get behind Timeline, since that’s the movie wherein I fell in love. 🙂

              1. How could you not like him as Phantom?? I thought he was so dashing, so sexy… it’s tough to sing AND act at the same time but he pulled it off, and he sang those haunting songs with so much emotion.

                Ah yes, Andre Marek is stunning as well, he stole every single scenes he’s in, even when he’s just in the background! At that time I had no idea who he was and I kept saying to my hubby, WHO IS THAT GUY? Why isn’t he in the lead instead of that lame Paul Walker?!

  2. He was very down to earth when I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show a few weeks back. Not the greatest actor but he has action-star qualities about him and a subtle side as seen in PS I love You.

    1. I think I saw that on YouTube. He’s very funny in interviews, too. Dan, he’s got charisma in dramatic stuff, too, as in Dear Frankie & The Jury. Glad to hear a guy who liked P.S. I Love You. I think more guys like it, they just don’t want to admit it 🙂

  3. sister in-law

    Oh goodness gracious! What’s up with his hair? LOL..
    This is not the GB that I saw from 300, NO!
    Let’s just hope that GB won’t be replacing that Cyrus dude in Hannah Montanah! Mwahaha..
    Peace out sis! (^_–) v

    p.s. They supposed to cast Charlize Theron as the wife, I think she’d be perfect.

    1. Well, if you see the real preacher, you’ll understand. He’s also got a ginormous mustache, so I’m glad they didn’t slap that one on GB 🙂 Yes, I thought of Billy Ray Cyrus too when I first saw this. Oooh, Charlize would be great to play opposite GB, but she might be too expensive for the project.

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