Scene Spotlight: Superman Returns – Taking Lois Up

Happy Friday all! Haven’t done a scene spotlight for a while, and guess what, I just realized the last scene spotlight I did was from the original  Superman movie!

But the reason I feature Superman Returns today is because my sister in-law who lives in Seattle called over the weekend and said she sat next to Brandon Routh during a movie premiere. She was attending the Seattle International Film Festival and the movie was an indie dark comedy Miss Nobody, where Routh is part of the cast that include Leslie Bibb and Adam Goldberg . I’m so jealous! Not only I’m a huge Superman fan, but Mr. Routh is muy caliente! 🙂

Routh at Miss Nobody’s Q&A

Too bad she didn’t get to have a photo taken with Mr. Routh, obviously she has much more restraint than I would, ha..ha..! A bit of info from the SIFF official site, “From May 20-June 13, SIFF presented 408 films in 25 days, with 73 premieres and more than 600 screenings and special events…” One of the festival highlights include a tribute to Edward Norton where the Oscar winning actor received the 2010 Golden Space Needle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting and he also screened his latest film, dark comedy Leaves of Grass.

Anyway, back to the scene in question, this is one of my favorites from the movie. Sure the plot leaves much to be desired and Kevin Spacey makes for a lame Lex Luthor, but most of the movie’s flaws aren’t about Routh’s casting. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Christopher Reeve will always be the greatest Superman ever, yet considering the massive shoes to fill, Routh pulled off the role quite well. He’s got a nice combination of strength and vulnerability, with the perfect dorky-ness as the bumbling Clark Kent. Alas, chances are he won’t reprise his role as Supes. Oh btw, my sister in-law said that during the Q&A after the movie, someone asked Routh what role he’d like to do next. He paused for a moment before answering “Superman.” Boy, I hope he’s just being sarcastic.

This flying sequence – albeit not as iconic as the ‘Can you read my mind’ of the original – is still quite romantic. A bitter Lois confronts Superman for leaving her so abruptly, but it’s clear the two still have strong feelings for each other… “I forgot how warm you are…” Yeah, I’d think the temperature goes up a few notches when Supes is around 😉 The flying sequence is brimming with sexual tension up until the romantic near-kiss at the end.

Thanks to Prairiegirl for capturing the clip for me. I always dig flying sequences in Superman flicks. One can’t help wishing I could switch places with Lois Lane just for a day… [sigh]