Word of the Week: Sequelitis

Bonus Friday post, people, but I just couldn't resist this one. This word so perfectly sums up the condition Hollywood's been suffering for quite a while now. Per UrbanDictionary, sequelitis is: A disease capable only of infecting Hollywood movie producers. Symptoms include uncontrollable greed and a complete lack of creativity. Once the illness has taken …

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Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Mao’s Last Dancer

Happy Friday folks! Time for a new trailer since I skipped last week. From Oscar nominated Aussie director Bruce Beresford (Tender Mercies, Driving Miss Daisy), it's a drama based on the autobiography by Li Cunxin. At the age of 11, Li was plucked from a poor Chinese village by Madame Mao's cultural delegates and taken …

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