Hello everyone, I’m back from London!

Hello again everyone! Finally back from London Friday Saturday (d’oh! Thanks Becky) night after a slight flight delay due to a security breach, where we had to vacate the plane and be re-boarded one by one! But hey, considering all travel woes from the volcanic ash, I really can’t complain about how smooth our trip was. Not to mention the gorgeous weather we’ve had in all seven days – it only rained very briefly when we were in Trafalgar Square, but by the time we got out of the tube station five minutes later, it was dry again! Suffice to say we didn’t have to open our umbrellas once in the entire trip, and was greeted by blue sky and bright sunshine nearly every morning. We had to pinch ourselves and ask, ‘are we really in London?’

The Roman Baths and Temple of Aqua Sulis Minerva

It was overall an unforgettable trip, even a broken hotel room door that left us ‘stranded’ in our own hotel until they could break it in the following morning didn’t dampen our fun-filled holiday. We’re able to visit nearly all of the must-see tourist sights, including my dream flight up the London Eye, as well as a quick getaway to scenic Bath and Windsor.

Well, I miss blogging and reading others’ blogs, but I must say it was a much-needed break from being chained to my desk in front of a computer. I hope to get back on the blogging routine shortly. I should have my next post up by sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, as I’m working on my first ever theater review on this blog of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies, the follow-up to The Phantom of the Opera. I also got to watch the Nelson Mandela rugby-themed biopic Invictus on the plane, so a review on that is forthcoming as well, as well as other stuff I had started before the trip.

Thanks for your continued readership whilst I was away, and thanks again to Vince and Samantha for being a guest blogger last week!

P.S. I forgot to post this pic of ODEON Theater in Leicester Square, which was totally ‘owned’ by Iron Man 2. The area itself wasn’t as grand as I had imagined it, but it’s still cool nonetheless, complete with the young kids making out in the park across from it! 🙂 We didn’t have time to actually see a movie there though, but there’s always next time.

ODEON Theater – Leicester Square