Flix News of the Week: Joaquin Phoenix returns to acting?

Did anybody else hear about this?

As I was reading a bunch of stuff on the Oscars, I came across this article titled Joaquin Phoenix Says He’ll be Back to Movies, which of course piqued my interest. The Hollywood Reporter writer Roger Friedman said he met Phoenix just last week at Soho House in NYC, and here’s how he described the encounter:

Joaquin never looked better–clear eyed and clean shaven, a 180 degree turnaround from his digression into rapping and riffing last year on talk shows. He told me with certainty that he will likely return to acting now after a relatively short break. He’s just hoping to read some good scripts. “Why don’t you write one?” he asked facetiously.

I wish there were a photo of him looking clean-shaven again, but in case you need a reminder of what he looks like, here’s a side-by-side photo of his two personalities:

The two faces of Joaquin

Well, if this is indeed true, then hooray!! I think Joaquin is a terrific actor whose absence from acting is sorely missed! Russell Crowe wasn’t the only great thing in Gladiator, Joaquin’s sinister turn as Commodus was equally memorable. He’s able to mix high profile projects such as in Walk the Line (as Johnny Cash) and in M. Night Shamalayan’s The Village, with smaller, quirkier roles such as To Die For and Quills. I haven’t seen his last movie Two Lovers with Gwyneth Paltrow, but it was well-received by critics (84% on rottentomatoes.com).

I sure hope it won’t be long before we see him grace the silver screen again. It’s bad enough that we already lost his talented brother River who also had such a promising career ahead of him, we need you back, Joaquin!