Law Abiding Citizen’s 4th Clip – Biblical

Ok yeah, that line will get spoofed on a lot. It’s kind of like Butler ‘THIS IS SPARTA!!’ line from 300.

GB’s channelling Kevin Spacey’s John Doe role in Se7en here, and longtime GB fans know he’s got that darkness/danger edge to him beneath his jovial nature. He even said so himself according to LA Times blog: “This is the Hannibal Lecter role. It’s Kevin Spacey in ‘Se7en,’ “

I follow LAC’s director F. Gary Gray on Twitter and lots of people who got lucky enough to see the screening in L.A. and NY tweeted their responses and they all seem to like it. One called it a ‘roller coaster of a movie,’ and another even gushed that it was a spectacular movie. I’m just hoping it’d live up to the trailer and GB has a substantial movie in his hands after a couple of recent duds.

2 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citizen’s 4th Clip – Biblical

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    You know, I’ve really never been a Gerard Butler fan. (Stop! Wait! Put down that machete!) But I was working out yesterday and I saw the trailer for “Law Abiding Citizen,” and I have to say it’s piqued my interest. He seems, as you say, to have found “a substantial movie,” and maybe that’s all he really needed.

    1. He..he… no worries. I’m a fan yes but I’m not one of those fanatics who’d attack anyone who doesn’t think highly of GB. Yeah, I have high hopes for LAC and GB pulling off his role of a vengeful villain with heart. A lot is riding on his shoulders on this one, so if the movie sucks, he probably has a lot more to lose than Jamie does.

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