THIS JUST IN: Law Abiding Citizen Trailer

Wooo hooo! Finally a GB film to get excited about. I just finished watching it, twice, and y'know what, I like what I saw. Ok, so the fact that ze Butler is in almost every scene is a big factor, but this trailer went from meh to yowza about halfway through and kept getting even more …

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Correction on ‘Dr Parnassus’ movie release date

Sorry, apparently I was misinformed about the release date of the movie. The October 16th date is the UK release but as of today, there's no official confirmation who'll distribute it in the US and when. There's rumor circulating it might be out on Christmas day, and I'll be sure to post an update as …

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Hollywood Casting News: Flixchatter highlights

When I was little, every time the inevitable "what do you want to be when you grow up?" question came up, I always answered with all the tenacity a teeny girl I could muster: a screenwriter. A rather unusual reply for a wee kid barely able to scribble a decent sentence, let alone a paragraph. …

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