Twin Cities Film Fest


The fifth annual Twin Cities Film Fest is coming this October.
The festivities are scheduled for Thursday October 16 – Saturday October 25!

BeyondRightAndWrongThursday, July 31, 2014
6:30pm – 9:00pm
St. Paul Athletic Club
340 Cedar St #5, St Paul, MN 55101
Cash Bar – 6:30pm
Screening – 7:15pm

$10 per ticket
($5 discounted tickets for TCFF and SPAC Members)
Space is limited!

*Special Guest Speaker from the MInnesota African American Museum

 Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice & Forgiveness
Directed by Lekha Singh & Roger Spottiswoode

BEYOND RIGHT AND WRONG follows the stories of survivors, like Beata, whose children were murdered in the Rwandan Genocide; Bassam and Rami, who each lost a daughter in the conflicts in Israel and Palestine; and Jo, whose father died in the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Relying on the survivors’ own words, BEYOND RIGHT AND WRONG does not dwell on the violence and loss but highlights healing through forgiveness, as victims and perpetrators alike begin humanizing the people they once perceived as enemies or animals. By sharing their experiences of loss and anger, their struggles with forgiveness, and their efforts for peace, these survivors have opened a discussion on the role of forgiveness in the search for justice.


Stay tuned for more updates for this year’s events.

Check out the TCFF Archives page for posts from the last three years.

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3 thoughts on “Twin Cities Film Fest

    • Hi Guy, welcome to FC! No unfortunately I couldn’t see Lambent Fuse as it was on the exact same time as Machine Gun Preacher. I’m connected to Matt Cici on Twitter and I talked to him at one of the panels. I’m hoping to get an interview with him also and will be featuring his film on my blog when it’s available at local theaters for the general public.

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