Twin Cities Film Fest


The fifth annual Twin Cities Film Fest is coming on
Thursday October 16 – Saturday October 25!


October 16                       

7:30PM: Men, Women & Children


October 17

1:00PM:  The Immortalists

3:00PM: Big Significant Things

5:15PM: Father-Like Son

7:30PM: The Last Time You Had Fun

9:30PM: V/H/S: Viral


October 18                       

10:00AM: One Good Year

12:00PM: These Hopeless Savages

2:00PM: Old Fashioned

4:45PM: 3 Nights in the Desert

6:00PM: BFFs

7:00PM: The Heart Machine

8:30PM: The Well

9:00PM: House of Manson


October 19                       

10:30AM: Born to Fly

12:30PM: A Family Affair (Shorts Block)

3:00PM:  The Young Kieslowski

6:00PM:  Wild Canaries

8:30PM: Just Before I Go


October 20                       

6:00PM: Evil, Enemies, and Aliens (Shorts Block)

8:45PM: The Transylvania TV


October 21           

6:00PM: To Say Goodbye

8:45PM: Solitude


October 22                       

12:30PM:  Flying Paper

2:15PM: Father-Like Son

4:30PM:  Old Fashioned

6:00PM:  Hunger In America       

7:00PM: Comet

8:30PM:  The Control Group

9:30PM:  The Well


October 23                       

11:30AM: Hoop Dreams

3:00PM: The Immortalists

5:00PM: Where the Trail Ends

5:45PM: The World Around Us (Shorts Block)

7:00PM: Stray Dog

8:30PM: Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter

9:30PM:  Strike One


October 24                       

11:00AM: The Syndrome

2:30PM: Big Significant Things

4:30PM: The Heart Machine

6:00PM:  Lust, Love & Loss (Shorts Block)

6:30PM:  Breaking Free From The Life

8:30PM:  The Imitation Game

9:00PM:  The Last Time You Had Fun


October 25                       

10:00AM: The Syndrome

12:30PM:  Women in Charge (Shorts Block)

3:00PM:  Scouts Honor

5:30PM:  Ink & Steel

6:00PM:  Wild

8:30PM:  Time Lapse

TCFF’s Silver, Gold and Platinum Passes are now available!


(while supplies last)

Stay tuned for more updates for this year’s events.

Check out the TCFF Archives page for posts from the last three years.

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3 thoughts on “Twin Cities Film Fest

    • Hi Guy, welcome to FC! No unfortunately I couldn’t see Lambent Fuse as it was on the exact same time as Machine Gun Preacher. I’m connected to Matt Cici on Twitter and I talked to him at one of the panels. I’m hoping to get an interview with him also and will be featuring his film on my blog when it’s available at local theaters for the general public.

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